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        The recent discussion on gear modification and relinking of Max’s November 2016 post on equipment configuration brought me back to a recurring question: Where do we put this stuff, now?

        The trend for several years was a small-ish BOK worn on the belt and a TQ in two other places. I ran with a HSGI BOk for a while this way. I’ve seen larger kits worn on chest rigs and plate carriers, and I also recall a discussion years ago (on Lightfighter, I think) about keeping an individual kit in the left cargo pocket and standardizing that across the team.

        I recently replaced my HSGI bleeder with a Chinook Med TMK (which I find much more organized, but larger). The most obvious place to put it is back on the belt, but I’m wondering if there is a better way.

        I know Max mentioned putting med kits in the light day pack, is that what everyone is trending towards? Since I’m not the one out doing training and constantly experimenting with what works, I’m trying to learn from you guys that are.

        Where are you guys carrying your med kits?

        For reference, my kit typically contains
        – HyFin vented compact chest seals (two pack)
        – NAR z-fold compressed gauze
        – Israeli bandage
        – Quickclot sponge
        – NPA/lube
        – Flat wrapped duct tape
        – Benchmade rescue 8 hook (instead of shears)

        I also have two TQs, one CAT and one SWAT-T

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          I use the new army issued ifak with some upgrades. its the perfect size for my cumberbund. I would send a pic but am currently in NOLA on tornado duty and nowhere near my personal kit.

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            I’m not sure how new is new, but I’ve run a Army IFAK on my battle belt and it’s too bulky for me. I’m thinking about trying a pouch on my BB with just TQ and Olaes bandage. I also learned at FoF one TQ is not enough. I’ll put the second in a pocket or on my rifle.

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              1 TQ up front on belt. IFAK pouch 4-5 o’clock on my belt.
              IFAK Contents:
              gloves – thicker type (4.0mil?)
              shears – dummy corded
              1 TQ (both SOFFT-W, sand color, from optactical)
              Chest Seal(s)
              Combat Gauze
              Plain gauze, rolled or flat
              Med tape roll
              Compression bandage (Israeli or Olaes)
              NPA w/ lube
              Chest decompression needle
              All in a pouch just like this: Click Bait

              Please don’t put this stuff in your pocket. We don’t want to be digging through your 15 cargo pockets while you bleed. Keep it out, keep it visible, and keep it marked and identified in one way or another.

              Honestly OPtactical has the easiest selection of IFAK pouches and contents OPtactical IFAK contents page. The contents page has options for each line item in the new hotness and the slightly older, less expensive variants. For a pouch there are a zillion quality surplus pouches available on ebay for very little $$$.

              Army/USMC IFAK pouches are large and bulky. The Eagle/Spec Ops one I linked on ebay is about half the size of a surplus USMC IFAK pouch. Other pouches with all that internal organization stuff don’t appeal to me. Just get a bag type pouch and squish it all in there in an organized fashion.

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                To be clear, I’ve still been carrying trauma kit on my belt, which it seems is the common theme here.

                I was really curious if anyone was doing Max’s suggestion of putting the IFAK in/on the day pack. So far, it seems that the trend is still to keep it on the belt, since it’s the most accessible.

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                Mike Q

                  I’m running the HSGI Bleeder pouch. It was at the 2 o’clock position on my lite BB. However it constantly dug into my leg when sitting. I’ve since switched it to the center of my chest rig. I loaded it with 1st Sargeants suggestion and vacuum sealed the main contents so it’s all nice and tight. I have two tourniquets on me. One on the chest rig and the other on my belt. I’m going to run a class with it on my chest and see how it goes…

                  As everyone knows after each class I adjust something on my gear…

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                  First Sergeant

                    I run a trauma kit on my BB. I use the HSGI Bleeder pouch.

                    Signal Out, Can You Identify
                    Je ne regrette rien
                    In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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                      I think that the IFAK is pretty standardized now with gloves, bandage, clotting agent, chest seals (2), dart, TQ, tape and cutting.

                      I personally use the original Israeli bandages, or an ETD, But I’m probably going to pick up a few OALES and change things out. Quick clot and halos.

                      I have run this on my belt with the ETD dressing in a hsgi bleeder blowout pouch vac sealed all together, so it was just a pull out piece. I picked up one of the flat IFAK carriers which I’, currently running on my belt, but if I don’t run a belt, I have one of those mag pouch inserts that go in a pouch on my chest rig. I have a TQ on my chest rig, one on my belt, and one on my PC and one on the rifle. I really feel like you can almost never have enough TQ’s. And I never carry them on appendages. I have also run a med kit in a bag in a cargo pocket. It’s an option.

                      Really, anywhere on person or chest rig/belt is fine as long as everyone is aware of where your kit is, but team standard is what you want.

                      I would never carry an IFAK in a bag. I will carry a small boo boo kit in there, bandaids, meds, etc. On my gear goes ammo, water, small amount of energy and IFAK. If nothing else, I can fight off of that.

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