I don't know if this is BULL'SPIT…..but it sucks

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        D Close

          I saw that. Just the latest attempt at battlefield prep. I have no reason to doubt that story. Tie that into work by Cass Sunstein and co. to control the information flow. It is why we must always strive for the truth and credibility. They have very little left. I assess that between Snowden and the demonstrated lying by FEDGOV dept. heads the public opinion tide is turning in FREEFOR favor.

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            Interesting read Sourdough. Please keep in mind from where it comes from. With that said, lets see what happens. Keep your eyes open. :good:

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              PsyOps take all shapes and forms. I agree with JonnyMac. Keep in mind the source.

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                I always take Alex’s stuff with a grain of salt. Some of his rhetoric makes me wonder sometimes if he is no an agent provocateur working for the puppet masters.

                But this article is not hard to believe. They have been floating trial balloons towards this end since before Obamao took office.

                They have tried to convey in army doctrine, to police forces, and other civil organizations that any or all of the following should be considered potential terrorists: Evangelicals, catholics, born again christians, anyone who is suspicious of the federal reserve, returning veterans, anyone who believes in the constitution as it was written, anyone who believes in personal liberty, or anyone who doesn’t trust the federal government.

                So basically at this point, 60% of the citizenry of the country are potential “terrorists.” Amazing considering that we are leaving our southern border as porous as a screen door, and allowing muslim training camps to exist on American soil.

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                  I automatically discount any of the editorial content of anything from Infowars, however, there are nuggets of useful information. In this case, the article is based on the excerpt from the actual DHS document.

                  To me the most telling part about the whole thing is that the DHS apparently considers the entire US national security apparatus totally penetrated and compromised by sympathizers and actual members of various groups they consider domestic “terrorists”.

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