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        Ok so I just finished the first season of Jericho and wanted to get your opinions on the final battle.

        For those who have not seen it the scenario is 2ooish defenders set up a defensive position on a farm facing the only road the attackers can take into the town. The defenders have no reinforcements and are undertrained and moderately equipped with the majority carrying ar-15 type rifles and several armed with hunting rifles and shotguns. gotta use what you have right.

        The attackers are much better equipped with ar-15s aks as well as light machine guns. Plus they have several deuce and a halfs to transport fighters in. They also outnumber the defenders 3 to 1 or so.

        So my question is how do you as the defenders manage to not only maintain the location for the duration of the attack, but how do you win the fight?

        Do you send x number of men to the flank to try and break them there or what?

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          We are re-watching that series right now also but haven’t gotten to that part yet.

          Seems like IIRC they allowed the trucks to pull up, the guys to leisurely get out, pull a tarp back to reveal an M60, the gunner got a few minutes to stretch and yawn, the rest of the Newburne troops got coffee and donuts, took a pee break and then the attack started. All while our Jerischmo heroes watched behind pallets and hay bales (perfect cover LOL.

          They allowed them too much prep time. They didn’t hold the high ground.

          They had about a metric arse ton of various explosive when they wired that bridge and had the standoff with “Ravenwood” guys, yet they did not seem to use any of that in the Newburne fight. I’m thinking a couple command detonated charges would have taken out most of the trucks Newburne brought in.

          Honestly, I’m thinking a lot of things can be cultured in eggs that could have been given as a peace offering to the “starving” Newburne people. Fred would definitely follow what I was getting at :)

          When power is concentrated at the top via the stereotypical tough guy leader that everyone cowers to (Newburne leader guy), often times cutting the head off the snake is the way to go. Hawkins could have whacked him at distance via a sniper rifle, a day later Jericho could have announced that they “caught two rogue Ravenwood contractors with a sniper rifle coming from Newburne” and of course they died in the shootout, but damn if they didn’t have pics of Newburne’s leader and notes on his schedule, etc on their dead bodies. Jericho could have probably pushed the olive branch Newburne’s way then.

          Thankfully though for all the “starving” and deprivation, the Mabeline factory seemed to still be chugging out makeup for the gals and the bar stayed opened LOL.

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            (best Walter Cronkite voice:) And that’s the way it was, this fine day in Jericho.

            Yean, you’re right, the writers seem to have multiple personalities when it comes to T,T,P’s on this show. The best way to defend against that shit, is not to be there. Why stand there and wait for the other guy’s punch, right? But you have to consider how much you value your fixed assets, i.e. shelter, supplies, tooling, etc. I think you know the obvious answer, but let’s say the folks refuse to relocate into a remote defendable position. And of course they’re too busy to drill so what’s really your only option. You barricade the street and put everybody on the wall. Will it work? Probably not, that’s really stupid tactics, but hey, it’s what they do.

            If folks start really getting froggy like this, you either get everybody orgainized to deal with it, or perish. Ideally, you would re-locate all your folks, and your important industries, into remote locations, with built-in defense network.

            At the very least, you would have a frontier style fort, or castle “keep” for everyone to fall back to for defense. You might lose your industry, but at least you save your peeps. Not ideal because you’re all now essentially refugees without production capacity.

            To stay in place, and try to defend a wide area merely by blocking the main street… well you be the judge.

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              Maybe a “defense in depth” would be the way to go. If you had enough troops that is. Chechens did this to the Russians, to telling effect, in the Russian drive into Grozny in 1994 or 95 as I remember.

              Maybe the Jericho folks could have set up numerous positions along the road the Newbern trucks were traveling and worn down their numbers by shooting and the falling back to the next Jericho-manned position and so forth. All the while wearing down the enemy’s numbers.

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                Thanks for the answers guys. Good Points Raised though I think Gatling gun got the closest to what I was looking for. How if you found your self forced into this situation would you go about winning it. Though Diz raised a good point about avoiding a a fight of this nature.

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