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        It’s definitely true that I am suffering from the YouTube algorithm. My most recent videos have been demonetized as ‘unsuitable.’ Not that I would make any money anyway, given the view counts.

        This is not about other channels for videos. I have tried on Full30 and I am still there, but they are not adding channels right now. I have been reposting videos on the forum there.

        YouTube is the big place and it is the place to be seen. Now, although I may suffer from shadow-banning or algorithm etc, if people actually subscribe the the channel, and become aware of the channel, then they see the videos.

        I have been told multiple times that I have great content and that I should have a whole shit-ton more subscribers. I have 4186 right now. The videos go out on Mondays on SSD, but how many just watch embedded over there and don’t go to the site itself?

        So how about operation social media / YouTube?

        How about you guys aggressively push the channel, and subscribing to it, on your own social media?

        The channel is here:

        If you are not subscribed, please do so.

        Thank you.


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          I also just made a similar post / plea on FB, if you are following the Max Velocity Tactical FB page you can share that post and ask people to subscribe.

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            Apparently you also have to click the bell on the page as well as subscribing, in order to get notified of updates.

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              Subscriber # 4,553. Thanks for the content!

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                Just now seeing this post, I have been trying to advertise you like crazy on ig. YouTube is a little harder since i use comments on other peoples pages but ill make an effort to start sharing your youtube videos

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                  Meh, I finally quit dwaddling and subscribed, though I was already watching the videos because I don’t know what I don’t know.

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