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        This is an excellent resource for all things homeschool. This group organizes regional annual conventions. Conventions run four days and offer tons of vendor boot he’s and speakers. This past year Dr. Ben Carson was the keynote speaker at the convention in our region. Learn more here for the location and dates near you:


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          A couple items of note for those new to this (having been to a number of HS conventions “back in the day”);

          1) You can’t do everything. Trust me- no matter how well you plan your day at the thing out, you won’t get to it all- think of it like SHOT show. No way you can hit every vendor there, right?
          Even without attending the lectures or workshops, roving the vendors alone will suck up a whole day- throw in lunch, and pee breaks for the kids (or you), and an hour conversation with one or two of the vendors, and you get the picture….
          If you’re close, well then lucky you- ignore the last three sentences.
          Unless you’ve got a specific vendor you want to see, best bet is stroll through the vendor floor and “see” everything, then go back to any specific ones you (or the kids) like.

          2)If your kids are old enough to have an interest in things, take them along when you hit the vendor floor, and let them pick some things they like (if applicable)- there is usually more there than just schoolbooks. DO NOT take them to the lectures, because after they just sat through a major borefest, when you hit the vendor floor, well… you know how kids get.
          If you plan to attend lectures, leave them home.

          3)See if there’s a used book sale area- these probably open before the main vendor area will, and are a great opportunity to either score books, curriculum, and other related items for cheap, or if you sign up for it, to sell any books/curriculum your kids have moved past. I don’t recall exactly how it works, but the convention may charge a percentage of whatever you sell.
          And you will want to get to this at opening (or maybe just a tad after) because this stuff usually gets picked over fast.

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            FYI – early bird registration for the Southeast Convention ends on November 15th. Currently its $35 a person or $50 for a whole family (parents, kids and grandparents).

            The dates for Southeast is March 12 – 14, 2015 in Greenville, SC

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