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        There are many options and strategies for homeschooling. One that works well for many is the co-op. One co-op well worth looking into is Classical Conversations. It is a Christian based organization which provides curriculum, instructors, support and structure for record keeping, testing and accreditation. They offer schooling from K4 – 12.

        It works like this: children meet one a week at the co-op location for instruction then parents work with their kids the rest of the week on the week’s lessons. They also will meet for other group activities like field trips and other special group events. This approach offers support and structure for parents so they are not alone trying to reinvent the wheel. It also offers socialization for children with plenty of opportunity for friendships and bonding with other like-minded families.

        We have friends who have been with CC for years and plan to use CC when our kids are school age.
        You can learn more here and see what CC groups are in your area:


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          Co-ops are great. We’ve used them homeschooling our kids for years.

          Keep in mind each one is unique and they all have their own strengths and areas for improvement. It’s not unusual to try our several to find one (or two) you’re comfortable with. We have also changed co-ops as the kids got older and we found others that worked better as they progressed. Some are very informal and some are very organized and professional. Don’t hesitate to try as many as you like until you find the right fit for your kids and family.

          The only real problem, is they have people in them, which tend to be the problem with most things. Co-ops are not a magic bullet, but they are extremely helpful for finding like-minded folks to compare notes, share knowledge and curricula, and to help you not to try to have to do it all on your own.

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