Has the UK Completely Lost It's Mind?

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        So we all know they snatched everyone’s cool shooty bang bangs way back, now they’re trying to snatch people knives- well ok, they’ve been pushing this for some time now, but apparently they’re ramping it up.
        Recently you’ve got the London mayor talking about how there’s never any need to carry a knife…. and the other day I ran across this twitter post- apparently some sort of “weapon sweep” where they collected, well…. I guess some especially dangerous weapons like pliers, screwdrivers and scissors…. :scratch:


        For the EU and more informed intel crowd here…. what the f***?
        Is this legit? Has the UK gone this completely mental? Or is this just more internet bullshit? A fellow I know is pretty sure it’s legit… :unsure: :wacko:

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        Short Stroke

          Haven’t you seen The Patriot? Those guys can’t be trusted.

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            The mayor of Londanstan is a tard. What do you expect?

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            The Prof

              Britain has been completely–or nearly completely–taken over by the Progressive Left. There are still some good people there–quite a few, probably–but they’ve lost the argument.

              Which is why we desperately need to make sure we don’t lose the argument here.

              I’m grateful every day to my father for emigrating from Northern Ireland to America in 1952. I don’t want that crap to follow him here, either.

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              John D

                Somehow related:

                Effective September this year(2018) all rifle magazines above 10 round capacity and pistol magazines above 20 round capacity will be forbidden in the EU.
                Official reasoning: Preventing terrorism, of course :wacko:
                Nevermind none of the firearms used in Paris and elsewhere were
                civilian ones…

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