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        Its order time. For those that get sets from the farm store. We use Dixondale farms and buy our plant bunches from them every January. I’ve never had much luck with growing from seed and preferred getting sets. Their bunches are from 50-70 plants each. Pricing is as such, after the first bunch they get progressively cheaper and shipping is included in price. One of the other thing I like about them is that you enter your zip code and they will ship on your proper planting date.

        # of sets
        01 $11.45
        02 $15.95
        03 $19.95
        04 $23.95

        We generally get the Candy sweet onions and the Copra storage. When I’ve done it right I’ve harvested the Copras in July and still had good onions in the basement in February. :good:

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          Thanks for the reminder!
          I have a few things I need to plan for this coming season. Time can slip by pretty fast and you can miss out.

          Remember that you folks can get good local info at your county agricultural extension office. Leverage that resource.

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            I hopped on this thread expecting something about liberal tears and Trump’s inauguration.

            It was actually about onions.

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              Pretty sure there will still be liberal tears.

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                I have covert wilderness grows in the National Forest, originally they were just potatoes. But about two or three years ago I started adding onions and carrots.

                I never harvest them, and every spring I add to them. The onions don’t do well here, but I mostly use last years store bought onions that have gone to seed. The carrots tend to be small, but sweet.

                I don’t do any maintenance of these grows, just plant and forget.

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                  Albert, that is pretty cool.

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                    I second Dixondale. For a while had a 20×30 plot on which amongst other veggies we prob had 100 onions of various kinds. Lot of fun for the kids and good eating.

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                      I harvested about 12 lbs of 8 different varieties of garlic and 7 lbs of shallots this past summer, started in the fall of 15′. They are very good. And harvested ~30 lbs of honey as well. Pretty cool.

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