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        GoRuck has been doing a monthly fitness challenge all year. Most of them I wasn’t a fan of (although I did January’s, which was straight up rucking), hence I haven’t mentioned it.

        This month’s is pretty good though, for a few reasons:

        1. There are only 4 workouts to do. With two weeks left in the month, you can do two this week and two next week. You can also somewhat tailor the workout to your level of fitness (by changing ruck weight)

        2. They are partner workouts. This is a great way to buddy up, I even convinced my wife to do it. You can still do them individually, instructions for that are provided, it mostly cuts rep schemes in half.

        3. It is in remembrance of MAC-V SOG, some of the most badass warriors our country has produced. Complete the workouts and submit your info for a free patch.

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          What? You get patched into MACV-SOG after completing the workout?

          Reading Whiskey Tango Foxtrot right now. Awesome.

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            You get patched into MACV-SOG after completing the workout?

            Haha! Time travel sold separately?

            The patch looks like this:

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              wow a patch for working out

              I’ll wait for the sofa king commando one

              sorry just have pick

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                For what it’s worth, we just finished the third workout, it was a good time

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                  just passing some info on a 24 hour challenge the first week of Dec.

                  Who would be interested in participating in, staffing, sponsoring, or otherwise supporting a 24-hour ruck race to benefit fallen special operations warriors? Most miles in 24 hours. Single Rucker and Team Relay divisions. I have an awesome venue in South Central NC an hour from Ft Bragg.

                  If any one is interested please contact me and I will pass the info along

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