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      Mike Q

        My wife and I were having a discussion this morning about power outages. We don’t own a generator but have an inverter which will tie into the car and will allow us to run the freezer and some basic lights. In a short term situation I was planning on leaving the car in the driveway and simply running power cords into the garage. My wife wanted to lock the car in the garage and run some sort of exhaust piping through a dog door to the outside. I would obviously need a high temperature flex ducting with a compression strap on the tailpipe.

        However the whole idea with the concerns of carbon monoxide poisoning the family just makes me nervous.

        What do you guys think?

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          Well, it’s essentially a big generator, right, so I’d treat it the same way. I wouldn’t locate the generator inside the garage, because of the exhaust, so same deal with the car. I wouldn’t trust a lash-up exhaust system with something so dangerous. I would keep it out in the driveway, or drive it around back/out of sight, depending on sit, and run power cord inside. Of course you might need to keep a watch on it, while it was running at least. Long term, if no longer needed for transport, you could put it up on blocks and cover it up, like a generator shed.

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            Seems I have seen this on the 6 o clock news before.
            If your garage is detached then probably not an issue unless you go in there and hangout. Although make sure the exhaust aint near any flammables.
            If your garage is attached then you might run into problems. If there is an exhaust pipe to the outside and there is ventilation in the garage then the risk is minimalized. You will have to determine how much risk you are willing to take.
            Keep in mind that CO and CO2 are heavier than air and sink.

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              Don’t do it Mike. No way at your house.
              Get a group 29 deep cycle battery
              Run the inverter off it
              Charge it by running jumper cables under your garage door. If her concern is that the car is outside running, just lock it. Be VERY confident in your cooling system…..

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              Mike Q

                Understood. I’m not comfortable with the idea. Thanks for the input.

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                  I ran a library data closet off of one of those during a power outage and it worked ok. You have to hook it up to the battery direct. Must be a big one if it wil power a frezzer compressor. I’m with the group, trying to run that inside is a death wish. Even a genny is problematic. You’d be best pulling the truck around the house if you can, cable the invertor insdoe the engine bay and running lines to the house. That way it can all stay locked up.

                  As an aside, during Sandy (No power 7 days) I put my honda in the back of the truck and tried just closing the cap but not the bed door to try and kill some of the noise signature and it nearly choked the genny rebreathing exhaust. Airflow is an issue.

                  Anybody know of aftermarket mufflers for portable generators? There is damn sure a need for it.

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