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        Howdy Folks,
        Got a question for you guys with experience. I was wondering if a ghillie top made out of a bdu shirt has any usefulness in the SUT realm? I would think wearing a complete ghillie would only slow down maneuverability, but wearing a top from a 2 piece construction would not. Has anybody had any experience with this? Not obsessed with ghillie suits or being a sniper, just thought it might help as far as the fieldcraft is concerned. Thought about making a top anyway for coyote hunting here in Wyoming. By the way, I have seen the viper hoods too. Thanks.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          First I’ll state I am a fan of having Ghillie options in my available equipment, though not carried around with me unless a mission requirement.

          I’ve been making and using ghillies since I was 14, but they are a niche item with specific narrow uses.

          They work great to breakup your silhouette and with slow deliberate movement when stealth is required and can aid in counter detection. However when speed of advance increases it loses it’s effectiveness.

          I think a boonie hat or helmet garnished up would be of use and possibly a short cape or minimalist version of a viper hood setup for a specific need, but otherwise I would say no.

          Remember movement is the most easily detected indicator!

          Also consider that it takes practice and skill to use a ghillie (or portions of one) to its full potential.

          Here’s one of mine with no attached natural foliage (there are attachment points) to demonstrate just burlap effectiveness.

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            Thought about making a top anyway for coyote hunting here in Wyoming

            Great for hunting. :good:

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              Hey GW,
              Thanks for the reply. Sounds like it would be useful for more like a recon type mission where you would sneaking in to a place for observation. I understand what you’re saying about movement giving you away, I have spotted much game by movement when hunting. I, like you, like having options so it probably wouldnt hurt to have a ghillie top, hood, etc in case its needed. Would be a fun project too. Thanks again.

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                minimalist version of a viper hood

                I agree with Joe. I’ve used a viper hood (just arms, shoulders and a hood) in both close target recce and ambush. It gives you full access to your kit so you can still patrol, assault, etc and is just enough to break up the head/shoulder in a prone/semi-prone position. What’s nice too is that you can attach/detach a cape, if you really need some more coverage. A full ghillie is not required 95% of the time.

                @John3x for more detail/experience

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