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        As we open up the forum from behind the paywall, it also seemed like a good time to update with some simple points on gear prep for class.

        Previously, it has been suggested that you should focus on attending class, and not on gear, and simply come with some surplus web gear etc. I do not believe that this is a necessary approach. It is true that as an active armed citizen you will go through a constantly evolving gear selection that will never end, but we can provide you with some simple pointers that will allow you to get the best out of class with good functioning gear.

        I will copy in the ‘Lite Fight’ Gear concept video that I have on YouTube at the end of this post, and I urge you to follow that concept.

        You do not need all of the gear in the lite fight concept to attend a class. For example, you do not need a plate carrier and plates. MVT has designed and sells (next batch dropping soon) the SOR, which as a simple equipment purchase for $189.95 will allow you to attend any class from HEMS to HEAT 1 with all your magazine and gear carriage needs taken care of. It is literately that simple.

        Once you have a reliable AR 15 (Colt OEM is my go-to) and some decent magazines, consider a battle belt. The will have room for a couple of rifle and handgun mags on the support side, handgun on strong side, miscellaneous such as small med kit and TQ. This should be a lightweight item. You can see me wearing my current belt in the latest YouTube videos. With a battle belt, you have enough mags to run most drills on the flat range portion of classes.

        Note: you don’t actually need to carry a handgun for most rifle classes, but it helps to have it as part of your kit.

        Next, chest rig. This should be a well designed chest rig such as the SOR, or a plate carrier, or combination. If you want to run plates at class, that is great, so long as you have the fitness for it.

        It does not get more complicated than that. For the longer lanes on the HEAT 1 tactical ranges, you need to be able to carry all up about 6 mags on you, so as not to go black on ammo.

        Consider to be generally light on gear. A battle belt should be light and comfortable. You can decide if it needs suspenders or not. Mine does not, but sometimes for class I mount a radio on it and it gets heavier. Scott (First Sergeant) runs suspenders on his. I am taking care of that by using a First Spear belt which velcros on the inside to a pants belt. It is a useful system, holds it in place. Get away from the idea of old ALICE systems with heavy canteens etc. Think being able to sit in a car seat and also get through a door with a lower profile during CQB.

        Chest Rigs / Plate carriers are ideal for the bulk of your gear and mags because with your weapon up, most of the bulk of the mags sits within the triangle of your arms, so the bulk of it does not count against you getting through doors etc. Consider a single layer of mags, not a double layer. Use KYDEX mag inserts, such as on the SOR. A chest rig with a single layer of mags does not prevent you getting down into the prone, and it does not prevent me when I am wearing a Plate Carrier. See my video on Use of Cover for proof of that!

        I will post below the suggested gear list which can be found linked from he HEAT 1 class page:


        Equipment: Specific information can be found on the relevant class page. This list is a general guide for HEAT tactical classes:

        Fighting Rifle: a semi-automatic battle rifle utilizing detachable magazines of minimum 20 round capacity. AR/AK type platforms are an example of a suitable rifle. The safety must be operable with the firing hand, by finger or thumb, without removing the hand from the pistol grip.
        MVT Classes are AR15 centric for weapon manipulation training.
        Rifle spare parts/spare rifle/optics are useful in case of failures.
        Ensure your rifle is well / excessively lubricated.
        Rifle cleaning kit/lubricant
        Rifle magazines (20 or 30 rounds standard capacity): minimum eight.
        Unique tape on your magazines will help you find them after drills.
        Bring as many magazines as you can, pre-loaded, to avoid wasting time loading magazines between drills. 16 would be better than 8.
        Bring 4 empty magazines to day 1 of CRS/CTT 1 x penny.
        Eye protection / Ear protection: Electronic ear protection is recommended.
        Load/ammo carrying gear: ‘Load-Out’ i.e. battle belt/plate carrier/tactical vest. Be able to carry 6 – 8 magazines on your person.
        Water source: canteen/ camelbak/ water bottles
        Bug repellant / Sun screen
        Medication / Allergies: Bring relevant Inform cadre of location / type as necessary.
        Knee Pads
        Rifle sling
        Tactical gloves
        Boots with ankle support. Long pants, hiking or combat style. Long sleeved shirt/top.
        Clothing suitable to the season: i.e. warm/cold gear, rain gear
        Bring Camp Chairs to the Square Range days.

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          FYI – the gear link above is broken……..

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            Appreciate this … any updates on this for those doing HEAT Recon renting Airsim rifles

            I would imagine alice gear is good to go for Recon work?

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            First Sergeant

              Appreciate this … any updates on this for those doing HEAT Recon renting Airsim rifles

              I would imagine alice gear is good to go for Recon work?

              There are better gear choices than ALICE. Trust me, I used it for years and would not go back.

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