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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Senator Ted Cruz tweet:

        Some memorable snowflake comments:

        “Did a real politician just use the term ‘snowflake’? Way to have respect for all people, Ted. Enjoy your (hopefully) last term.”

        “But ‘Deplorables’ would be OK, right?”

        “Don’t forget teabaggers! #Hypocrisy”

        “Honey, you support a snowflake for president – can’t go one day without whining like a baby. You’re not much better FYI.”

        “And all us constituent ‘snowflakes’ will remember your bigotry come next election. #resist”

        “Who is the snowflake? Dreamers? Trans kids? Black people? Women? Refugees? Muslims? Who shouldn’t fight for basic respect?”

        “I honestly can’t believe you posted this!!! You do know real actual snowflakes are unique! You’re going to see a blizzard in 2018.”

        “You’re the one that melted into the GOP muck. Stand up for all of your constituents instead of for racism & hate!”

        “You are worse than [Trump]. He at least believes his B.S., you know its all wrong but power compels you. Shame on you Mr. ‘Christian’”

        “Did you just name call and make fun of 1/2 of the population of your country? Wow! That’s a pretty classy move.”

        I like this one:


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          EFFING TED!! EFF YEAH!!
          :good: :yahoo:

          HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
          HEAT 2 (CP) X1
          FOF X3
          OPFOR X2
          CLC X2

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