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        We have a back up of hogs and I want to offer them to the forum, local guys of course. To anyone in the area and on the forum we will do $2 a pound hanging weight vs our market price of $3. I can get them to the butcher every Tuesday. Shuffs does great work, all vac packed and their cured products are stellar. The way it works is I deliver, butcher gives me the weight you pay me and work with the butcher on your order. I have cut sheets you an work from.

        For those wondering about the size of storage we get our hams sliced for easy dinners, chops 1″ in four packs, bacon in pound packs, scrapple and ground pork vs the sausage as its a bit more versatile for us. A couple of roasts and it all fits. If you got any questions ask me in the open for everybody or PM Me.


        This is our ad with some pertinent info:

        Belle Creek Farm near Mountaindale in Frederick is a member of the Livestock Breeds Conservancy and has several heritage breed Gloucestershire Old Spot market pigs ready for sale and ready to go to the butcher. This isn’t your standard pork, more marbling and not dry. Think Black Angus steer vs a dairy steer.

        We sell by hanging weight at $3 a pound and process locally through Shuff’s in Thurmont MD. We can do whole pigs or halves if there is another interested buyer or you want to split one, Market weight hogs weigh about #250 and hanging weight is about #200. Processing runs about $1 a pound overall depending on how you want your cuts, that’s hams, ribs, chops, bacon, shoulders and or sausage/scrapple etc., however you want it. These are excellent eating.

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