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          I agree with this 100%. Food additives are bad news.

          I can’t help but notice, though, that if you avoid processed food entirely (eat around the edges of the grocery store, as noted in other threads) you sidestep a lot of the problems. Yes, eating a bag of Euro Doritos may be healthier than eating a bag of ‘Murican Doritos, but it still isn’t healthy!

          My kids have eaten largely organic meats and vegetables their whole lives, and limited amounts of processed foods, and it absolutely has paid off in terms of their general health and behavior. They get maybe one cold per winter, and have never been to the hospital or the ER. Anecdotally, when my boy went to Cub Scouts, he was about the only kid who was able to sit still and listen to the den leader, unlike all the others who ran around shrieking and kicking things. I absolutely believe that proper diet and no exposure to video games and TV make a huge difference for children.

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            @dave37 I noticed the same with my kids at church today. We eat as little processed foods as possible. I watched some of the other kids in church versus mine and they were way less…not sure if this is the right term but…spastic. They have their moments but I really think their 4 and 5 year old energy levels are offset by their diet and exercise. My 5 year old’s kindergarten teacher also commented at the parent teacher conference about her behavior compared to her peers. At least we are getting something right!

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