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        In several discussions, I’ve seen mention of fixed blade knives and their utility. Ivarr pointed out in the Mora thread that it is a good idea to have multiple knives intended for different purposes. This aligns with what little experience I have with bushcraft from boy scouts, camping, and reading I’ve done.

        So here is the question, what kind of knives would be appropriate and where should they be carried? For instance, a general utility knife like the Gerber LMF II, Becker BK-12, or Esee 6 would be great for chores like constructing shelter/traps/cutting rope/ete. At the same time, dedicated fighting knives are better for defensive purposes. Should a fighting knife be carried on the belt and a utility knife on a pack? Is it perhaps better to have a “jack of all trades” knife that can do a passable, but not excellent, job at both?

        I’m just wondering what your thoughts are.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          For me a quality fixed blade, folder, and multitool will cover all my needs.

          I like them on me; not on gear, in case I lose gear I’ll still have my knives.

          I don’t need a dedicated fighting knife, my larger utility knife will be fine if called on.

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            I agree with Joe. I care my fixed blade on my battle belt and a folder and multi-tool on my person.

            Knives are a personal thing and are a purpose suited tool. My folder is a work horse and does lots of things. Some would find it too small or not purpose suited for their needs. The same is true for multi tools.

            Find what works for you but don’t go crazy with it.

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            D Close

              Another issue is placement…where do I put it? My patrol rig is different from my EDC. For combat patrol, I found a place for my BK2 that is on the inside of my battle belt, behind my back but doesn’t interfere with wearing a patrol pack. Folder goes on a pocket and tool is also in a pocket. I agree with Joe, better to have as much close to you as you can. You have to experiment. I am always willing to change to a better system.

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                From the battle blades where you might put on a fighting rig that easy to get at to cut rope or stab someone in the back of the face- to large choppers (or even a camp axe)for making shelters and butchering large game, location is usually going to be dictated by the blades job and the blades ease of drawing. There will be overlapping though so expect this and don’t let it discourage choices. It can get very overwhelming with all the opinions (most hollow and unearned) and knife choices out there.

                I carry my Marine Raider Bowie on my PLCE webbing in the event i lose my ruck, but its just as smart to have it on your ruck. Its a personal choice. I keep my AF Survival knife on a homemade chest rig/shoulder holster that is always with me, even sleeping in it so I will always have that knife and that pistol on me unless some Russian invaders are splitting up my kit that they took from my deadness.

                Though my AF survival knife is much smaller i can still process game with it, I can process wood with it too but with much more effort and energy being expelled. It can also do just about anything a pocket knife can do. The AF knifes overlaps in both directions plus holds the center for itself as an easy to get to knife that always on my chest filling the bill for a fighter and all out survival/utility blade. I use a Glock knife for two years for the same roll but its MUCH less suited as a true, all around, survival knife but its an excellent light utility knife.


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                First Sergeant

                  Newest blade is a Randall #15 Airman carried on my battle belt. Multi tool is a SOG Power Plier also on my BB. Folder is a Benchmade carried cliiped in my pocket.

                  You need to figure out where the best place is for you.

                  Signal Out, Can You Identify
                  Je ne regrette rien
                  In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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                    Newest blade is a Randall #15 Airman carried on my battle belt.

                    That is a one hell of a knife.

                    I am giving the wife a beautiful Randall Cattleman, with stag handle, in her Christmas stocking for EDC around the farm and in town.

                    She and I both have a Hoffner Hand Spear on our battle belt.

                    Merry Christmas, First Sergeant!

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