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        I have amended the list of classes that require the MVT Fitness Assessment. It now only includes HEAT 1, HEAT 2 and CLC.

        This means that it is no longer required for FoF and CQBC.

        Why? There is no safety issue at FoF, so if people come unfit and learnt that they need to get fit, that is fine. CQBC does not really have a PT requirement.

        Do I still want people to train and get fit for class / warrior mindset? Yes, of course I do. The decision to not require the specific assessment is designed to not scare people off from something like FOF. CLC, we need it due to the terrain we move across.

        HEAT 1 and 2 are live fire classes and it is safety and basic fitness functionality on the ranges that were behind the initial idea for the fitness assessment.

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            As always, if you perform this assessment at home, come up short, and are looking for some help/advice, message me.

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              1 @JohhnyMac

              My 1st class, my PT sucked…..I knew age and time had taken a toll but not to the degree it had.

              My 2nd class, the PT was a 2-miler, which I successfully completed. I did better in the class but still struggled.

              Then Max changed it to a functional PT test – resources here (THANKS @Johnnymac !!) were put forward (25 days of Fitmas) that helped so much. This year, my endurance survived it all, just an old knee problem resurfaced on day 5.

              All I do now is the 25 days of Fitmas, sporadically (due to work schedules), but focused on functional fitness. And I feel much better, at work, at home, doing chores…….I’ll defer to Max’s post on Functional Fitness and JohnnyMac for more information…

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