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        The King is a new Netflix original film about Henry V.

        It follows his fictionalized ascension to the throne, through to the very realistic Battle of Agincourt, and his return to England.

        It’s a fantastic movie. I would argue, the best movie Netflix has put out (at least, that I’ve seen).

        If you have the time, it’s well worth watching.

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          I second that, great movie. As I was watching it I was reminded of books I read when I was a kid. British author from the 1800s G. A. Henry. Great stuff :good:

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            Agree. Excellent movie..

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              Will watch. In searching Netflix, I saw seasons 1-3 of The Last Kingdom, which as a Bernard Cornwell book adaptation. Will watch also.

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                The Last Kingdom series is excellent. Get your Viking/Saxon on.

                HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
                HEAT 2 (CP) X1
                FOF X3
                OPFOR X2
                CLC X2

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                  The Last Kingdom is fantastic. Was very impressed with all three seasons. Season 4 finished filming and I believe is being released sometime around late spring/early summer.

                  I’ve heard nothing but good things about The King. Thanks for mentioning it JM

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                    I always have to do some research on what liberties a movie has taken with historical fact and I still have to see The King. I liked the one that Netflix did about Robert the Bruce and I’m waiting for the one that was done recently in the UK.

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                        I watched the King and enjoyed it, although I did not like the portayal of Agincourt. Seemed they had read about the mud but forgot to portray how the actual battle was fought.

                        I am now watching The Last Kingdom. I had read the books. Enjoying it but the portrayal of the shield wall is wrong. In fact anyway the first shield wall that was portrayed killing his Dad in the first episode was a false actual wall on the perimeter of York.

                        They never did a triple layer of shields as per a testudo to form a shield wall for battle. I am also not aware of Saxons using different gay-ass square shields different from the Dane round shields. And then when they showed them with later Norman style pointed shields from the 1066 era, and having them flip them to form a shiled wall, I had to suspend disbelief.

                        But then again it has always been cool to portray the English i.e. Saxons as somewhat beffudled. With the Danes i.e. Vikings being super-awesome. Same way any movie with ‘Red Coats’ has the Brits die like good useless henchmen. Patriot anyone?

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                        JohnnyMac I owe you one for your various reviews. I’ll tie it all together – Bernard Cornwell (author of The Last Kingdom series) also did a book


                        which I enjoyed. I’ll definitely check out The King.

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