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        If you have someone that just doesn’t “get” the OPSEC personal security issues, this is a good video for them to begin to pull their heads out.

        On the flip side- even if you think you are well versed in this sort of thing, pay attention to how the “older lady” manipulated the hell out of the girls. LOTS of lessons there for anyone even remotely considering grouping up with others. Older gal used some classic manipulation techniques to gain the girls trust- “she was our friieend” and to gain some perceived legitimacy with them. Be interesting to discuss some of the techniques she used if anyone is interested after watching.

        Unfortunately I’ve seen people try to use some of these various tactics over the years in this thing of ours. So don’t dismiss the lessons there. It’s just hard to watch/listen to.

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          My goodness… that was tough to get through.

          Scary stuff, and being from TN to a major metro area like NYC that’s a big change in culture for a early 20s female. The groomer really did a good job with getting the girls to emphasize with her.

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            I’m just a yank, but I can’t help but think the stranger might have been taking advantage of southern politeness and the (universal) naivety of youth. The stranger’s behavior I think, would have been extremely out of place for anyone from NY, NJ, PA, etc (and probably some other major urban areas too) in all but some of the very busy bars/nightclubs. Another red flag would have been the stranger’s use of “y’all” in a text, basic mirroring that doesn’t match the person’s background.

            As someone born and raised in mostly urban northeast, strangers usually don’t even acknowledge your existence, let alone start a conversation with you….except old guys at a private shooting range, they love to start a basic conversation lol.

            Endemics are vital for travel.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              Unfortunately I’ve seen people try to use some of these various tactics over the years in this thing of ours. So don’t dismiss the lessons there. It’s just hard to watch/listen to.

              Excellent point and great Thread. Security comes in many forms and isn’t always a direct attack.

              Something to remember there is a con for everyone, yes this particular example that was partially effective against a young woman wouldn’t work against most of our members. However other methods can be used against even us worldy types.

              Never assume you are immune to such criminal activity and teach your children at every opportunity to forewarn them, it may save their lives!

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              Virgil Kane

                That was definitely “like” hard to watch. Thanks for posting it. I have a daughter heading to Virginia for college next year. She is the one of mine that has the classic feeling of teenage invincibility. Even after watching it, I’m sure she will think that only happens to other people, but hopefully it will be something she will remember if faced with that kind of situation.

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                  So many thing that pop up. “Oh this hotel is so safe”- why the hell would that come up in a normal conversation?

                  The young ones taken her for who she was because of seeing her “Facebook” page- and most likely a fake passport- I mean who the hell is going to set up and snatch while showing your real ID? She created “legitimacy” with the girls with this sort of thing.

                  What’s interesting is the young girls didn’t seem to be drinking- or are underage and were smart enough not to mention that. Stupidity increases with drink. I’m guessing since the groomer wasn’t offering to buy them drinks they mustn’t have been drinking.

                  Switch of the hotel keys- girl carelessly leaving her crap laying around.

                  The hotel- had/has a lot of liability in this and it sounds like they basically were covering up something. I’m guessing some people that work at the hotel are/were a part of this.

                  “Even after this, I’m so concerned about my safety”- so I’m making a youtube video exposing more of this… LOL

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