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        I am considering upgrading my ear pro to something a little higher end. I am currently using Peltor sport tac 100 which have been great but are starting to get uncomfortable. I am considering Peltor Comtacs or MSA Sordin but am open suggestions.

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          I’m using the Comtacs and love them. Just a note, if your planning on running coms through your ear pro make sure you get the ones set up with the jack. I think it’s like a 1/4” plug about a foot long. I just found out at the August Heat class mine are not compatible with coms. The coms set are quite a bit more pricey, it just depends on your plan. I imagine the Sordin are the same.

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            I have msa sordins, back of the neck version. They are great, although I wish I had the comtacs with mic. If you even remotely think you might want to integrate with comms, get the comtac headset

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              Peltor Comtacs.

              As above, if you even think you might use it for comms, get the comms version.

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                Thanks for the input. I’ll keep an eye out for some Peltor Comtacs.

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                  if comfort is the only problem and the electronics arent a problem, why dont you just get a set of noise fighters? https://noisefighters.com/ i have them and think they are amazing. you can find quite a few reviews of them on youtube also.

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                    I looked at those but they arent directly compatible without using their universal adhesive adapter. Plus by the time I buy those I’m 20% of the Comtacs

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