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        I have tried 3 different IFAK bags/pouches and keep coming back to one particular one. Realize that this is what works for ME, just A way of carrying an IFAK. What works for you may (will probably) be different.

        This is the one I keep coming back to – https://sotechtactical.com/products/vfifaka1

        It is 8.5″ x 6″ x 1″. $95

        Some pics of mine (1st 3)

        Another I have tried is TPG ( https://tpgblack.com/products/slider-ifak-pouch-only ). It is 5.5″ x 6″ (while it doesn’t list a depth, when full it is at least twice that of the SOTech). $39

        Some pics of mine (the next 5)

        And finally, a new one for me from Raven ( http://www.raventacticalgear.com/rtg_store.php.html ). It is 4″ x 9.75″ x 2″. $75.

        The last 2.

        Each person needs to find what works best for them. For my use, I find the SOTech to fill that role.

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          The sotech flat ifak is the one I use as well. They can be found on Ebay for less sometimes but not often. @wheelsee you carry on your cummerbund right?

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            @wheelsee you carry on your cummerbund right?

            On my cumberbund (PC, on me R side). I also changed to one on my belt.

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              I really like my HSGI Blowout Kits on my plate carrier and chest rig. Fairly low profile tucked under my offside arm next to rifle mag #4. I also have a BFG Micro TKN on my battle belt, but I haven’t had it long enough to really say how much I like it yet.

              In an initial stage; beginning to happen or develop.

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                @incipient – would you be able to post pics with contents??

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                  I use one of MVT medium pouches.
                  Isreali dressing
                  Celox gauze or Kerlix roll
                  Small roll Duct tape
                  14g decomp needle
                  TQ on PC or gear.

                  Been thinking about adding a chest seal.

                  HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
                  HEAT 2 (CP) X1
                  FOF X3
                  OPFOR X2
                  CLC X2

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                    @incipient – would you be able to post pics with contents??

                    Yeah, I’ll try and get some pics tomorrow.

                    In an initial stage; beginning to happen or develop.

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                      Here you go.

                      HSGI Bleeder on my chest rig (plate carrier IFAK is identical).

                      -H&H H-Bandage
                      -QuickClot Combat Gauze
                      -H&H NCD needle
                      -HALO Seal (just opened to show someone since it expires shortly anyways, more on order)

                      Please note: I have actual, real life, experience using all of this. B-)

                      In an initial stage; beginning to happen or develop.

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