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        I’ve been through a few other handgun courses, mostly through federal law enforcement or military programs, and it’d be worn out and cliched to say that Scott’s class was just as, if not more, professionally executed and skillfully taught. Obviously the man knows what he’s talking about or MVT never would have offered it. What I’d rather focus on is what we learned that I doubt I’d ever encounter at another course, law enforcement or not.

        1. Scott accompanied every skill lesson with a real-world application, giving us context for every move. Attacker running at you? Here’s where to shoot him to slot him in one shot. Missed? Let’s work on marksmanship… Dude’s wearing plates and spraying the mall? Here’s where to hit him in the pelvic girdle so he goes down for real. Missed? Let’s work on marksmanship… Barricade only has a left-side opening? Here’s how to do it like a lefty and not tear your hand up. Missed?… you get the point. No time or brain power wasted.

        2. Whoever has watched any FBI TV show will know how TV shooters hold a flashlight while carrying a pistol. We learned that grip to be Harries. We also learned that it’s not the only one, or even the best one, for our purposes. If you scan with that light grip, you’ll flag everything you sweep with your muzzle. Honestly, never would have thought that through before this class. That’s why we got a choice of 5 other light grips to suit our needs and preferences, and a couple of hours of darkness to test them with aimed shots.

        3. Speaking of the night firing session, Scott then demonstrated how a flashlight can save your life against an armed attacker. We all learned exactly how much time it takes to gain, lose, and then regain night vision against a flashlight, and then how tough it is to effectively use your pistol… unless you know how to use your own light and shoot simultaneously. Message received: don’t skimp on your tactical flashlight. Everywhere else I’ve trained has had an “oh, it’s dark, we’re closing” policy, so I think we all agree that those hours were priceless.

        4. Scott has an expert’s resume when it comes to grip, stance, sights, equipment, ammo, you name it. Did you know European-manufactured pistols require a different iron sight aiming technique than US-manufactured ones? I didn’t before this class. There were plenty of good bits like that. We learned a tonne about conceal carry tips, clothing and belts, situational awareness, trauma response, holsters, etc. The list goes on.

        5. Finally, there was no moment at all when I or anyone else there, to my knowledge, felt unsafe or unsure whether a fellow student should be handling a weapon. Everyone was collected, focused, absolutely professional, and had good things to offer the group.

        Bottom line: some of the best time and money I ever spent. You’ll hear snipers tell you to buy good quality glass first and spend the rest on the rifle. This course is the glass, and I bet some went shopping for a new pistol right after based on the lessons learned.

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          Having been to DCH, this is an excellent review!

          Have you been?? What are you waiting for??

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            Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

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