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      D Close

        I recently had an opportunity to attend a one day CQB home defense class in my AO. I want to share it for the purpose of lessons learned and shaping future CQB classes at MVT.

        I live in SE VA. I attended the class as part of a prepper group I have recently become associated with. Bare Knuckle Defense is a tactics and firearm sales and training LLC in the local area. The instructor is a active duty EOD sailor with multiple deployments and extensive experience in training LEO and .mil. Brian is a multiple combat wounded vet who took a RPK? 7.62×54 to the head and survived. (See helmet discussions in Gear forum :good: the helmet obviously didn’t stop that one but luck helps too)

        The class was held in an abandoned school. This setup provided numerous layouts for various scenarios. The training was centered around shotgun and pistol operation. Students were invited to bring their own shotgun, however, pistols were supplied by the company. The reason for this was the use of simunitions and the need for special barrel mods. We were equipped with a Berretta 92FS. For our shotguns, we were issued silica filled shells.

        After a full safety brief, we began a two hour classroom period explaining the tactics for room entry, stance, weapon manipulation, light usage, combat mindset, and movement.

        Ideally, you will be able to secure a room with your family in it and defend it until help arrives. If you have to clear rooms in your home, you must use your knowledge of your home to swiftly and violently, deal with an aggressor. Use of tactical lights was considered, however it is probably preferable to use ambient light in low vis conditions to maintain surprise until ready to engage.

        The difference between combat and dynamic entry was discussed. As a single or possibly paired civilian shooter, you will use combat entry. Door positioning in a room layout will help determine your route after you pour through the “fatal funnel,” the doorway danger area where your risk is highest. The building layout during this course allowed for an excellent presentation of these concepts. “Slicing the pie,” method of acquiring threats in the room prior to entry were practiced. Door opening and contingencies were also covered.

        Paper targets were used for the shotgun portion and the instructor programmed dummy rounds to induce stoppage during the clearing drill. There is a very high adrenalin level surge and we all experienced that and the lull during the exercise.

        The pistol portion also involved a live OPFOR human target in padded protective gear. At some point during your clearance he popped out and rushed the student. You have to defend yourself here so turning to face the threat, firing your weapon and scanning for additional attacks happens within a couple seconds. It was the first time I have fired anything other than a laser or a Nerf dart at a human being. I hit him in the chest. It was instinctive shooting for me. There were opportunities for aimed fire. I had trouble managing some of the adrenalin. Even though I was accurate, improving my situational awareness and avoiding tunnel vision are things I need to work on. Identifying potential threats during a room clearance will avoid nasty surprises.

        If you have the opportunity to take a CQB course with an experienced instructor, I would highly recommend you do so. This isn’t square range stuff. The use of live Enemy adds a level of realism every student will appreciate as we prepare for the coming nastiness.

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          Very Timely. I’ve just been doing a lot of reading and thinking about the rising tide of crime and WROL scenarios in Australia – and also in overseas places like USA, UK and Europe.

          Crime and Drug Thugs will more likely be a bigger local risk in post-SHTF than Big Brother. For one thing the thugs have better local intel and knowledge and networks. If they fancy their chances then they’ll come crawling out of every nook and cranny to ply their trade.

          Home invasions, currently perpetrated by drug users looking to fund their next hit, and muggings have been on the rise in Australia in the last decade especially. The Meth epidemic is going crazy here now – in cities AND rural areas. Yeah I know we are usually 10-15 years behind wider social trends than the USA, although “Breaking Bad” has been showing on the Idiot Box for several years now.

          I’ve been reading up on the backstory to the Jessica Chambers torching murder and criminal drug and ethnic links in the Mississippi county where it happened. (Although this case and the Bosnian guy who got murdered with a hammer in St Louis recently seem to have had little coverage here in Australia – unlike the massive coverage of the Mike “Ferguson” Brown and Trayvon/Zimmerman and the New York Can’t Breathe cigarette seller cases).

          Sadly here in Oz we don’t have the training organisations infrastructure catering for the general public as you guys do in the USA. Paramilitary training is in the same basket as “self defence is not a valid reason for a firearms licence” attitude of politicians and police in Oz too.

          Another issue here in Australia has been local Muslims running around the bush doing paramilitary training which further complicates anyone else doing such camo/tactical training.

          Can you believe that after the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania and firearms crackdown the authorities even required people to get a CAT A firearms licence to do paintball. They changed that soon enough when they realised a lot of people getting the CAT for paintball were also deciding to get a .22 rifle which was also covered by the same CAT A licence.

          Might be time to go and re-read Thomas Chittum’s “Civil War II”.

          [Edit. PS Oh great. Looks like we have some kind of Islamic hostage seige going on in Sydney today.]

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            Thanks for the review Dave.
            Sounds like a great class and I am a bit envious of that opportunity.

            Am working on my handgunning as well but not in that good a training environment yet.

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            D Close

              Freeman, my condolences for your murdered countrymen. Wrong place, wrong time. We are indeed fortunate in some places in the US we have the opportunity to resist such aggressions. Many Americans, sadly still hope someone else will save them when faced with evil.

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                This where knowing your 95% is vital.

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                  Thanks for that D Close. Yes it’s all very tragic for those murdered and their families and friends. It is a timely reminder of never taking situational awareness or anything or anyone for granted. Each moment is precious. “Tomorrow is promised to no-one”, as my Gran used to say.

                  Yet even today there is a high level of denial regarding the threat from Islam. Even worse is the leftard Oz media and politicians deliberate efforts to frame the narrative as a “lone wolf nut-job” and to minimise or not even mention the words “Islam” or “Muslim”. Down here the politicians of both sides have invested much in fostering and pandering to the “multicultural vote”. We have mosques sprouting up all over the country these days. But there is also a lot of anger about what happened and a building backlash against things Islamic.

                  Muslims are major players in drugs and crimes such as car theft, extortion, standover muscle, and rebirthing or car-chopping for export as parts by the container load. They have also infiltrated many bikie gangs, gyms and martial arts centres. They have strong ghetto enclaves in SW Sydney and 9-12 o’clock quadrant of suburban Melbourne.

                  I am grateful I don’t live in a State capital city and live in farmland 20 minutes out from a regional centre. When the SHTF I’ll just have to make do with my bolt-action .308 and .22LR (and assorted cutlery) to help secure my neighbourhood.

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