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        I thought I’d share this video with clips of some training on breaching tools/techniques.

        I have no idea who anyone is.

        Students are weak on flow drills, but content is solid.

        CQBC is one of MVT’s best courses. It’s why I try to sign up for every offering of it. John is an awesome instructor and the course is world class.

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          I agree, Great Fucking Class !

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            Good primer. Watching this a few times before June. Thanks @johnnymac

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              If you want to learn how to use these tools, have a firefighter show you. And it won’t be fast entry.

              HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
              HEAT 2 (CP) X1
              FOF X3
              OPFOR X2
              CLC X2

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                Breaching is a very specialized skill and it’s not practiced nearly as much as it should be. In real life it’s a critical skill that unfortunately is often just an afterthought. A good breacher can be the difference between life and death, good cases and bad cases.

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                  I’m a retired Firefighter, a trucky at that. I never in my career had a door I couldn’t breach. Sometimes very fast, aka mule kick, some very slow, aka Partner saw. The thing with us is we weren’t worried about the element of surprise. If on a first breach attempt in a tactical situation you’re not successful, you’ve lost that element and need a second option.

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                    @Roadkill – how often were y’all let out of the cage?? (From an old PHL man)

                    Our first rule was try before you pry ….. I introduced this concept to SWAT – you’d be surprised how many people don’t lock their doors. Many times, we just turned the door knob and snuck on in

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                      It was amazing how many unlocked doors were breached. Usually by excited pumper rats. I was inner city most of my career, there were days we had two or three good housefires. It toned down by the end of my career but I stayed on the truck in the hood anyway because if there was going to be a fire it was most likely to be in my district. A lot of unnecessary damage gets done by young people with an adrenaline dump. I’ld rather have them a little too aggressive than have to go looking for them hiding in the backyard leaning on a roofman hook.

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