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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Giving current events and renewed interest this Thread while identifying Churches also applies to club meetings, lodges, etc…

        Let’s start with previous Threads that touched on this.

        France Church Attack

        Terrorist Target Churches for Christmas/New Year

        I would suggest 3 or 4 layers of security for any church. First is the parking lot. Someone should be observing the cars entering and the people inside. This can be a casual surveillance.
        Next level would be armed, alert members at all entrances scanning for unusual activity and new members-especially MAM’s with backpacks, or a determined straight line movement. These members should be at their post for sometime before and after services begin.
        Inside the church, depending on size, armed persons at the back of the church and near all entrances.
        Entrances should be locked after the service begins.
        Armed security should also be posted as Sunday School Services, where children go before and during a service.

        More to follow.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Before we get into actual security measures I thought bringing up some thoughts on approaching your Church.

          As most should be aware, not all Churches are created equal. Various doctrine, politics (internal and external), and backgrounds will affect their reception of any security measures.

          The size of the congregation for particular Church can greatly amplify complications.

          How is the Church organized?

          Many maybe surprised to learn that the Pastor is just a employee at some Churches with little power to make decisions.

          Bylaws, incorporation, board of directors, and even regional or national level governing bodies based on particular organizations may need to be addressed.

          If you don’t know above details, learn them before making contact regarding security.

          I wouldn’t bring up the fact you CCW until you have a good handle on their reaction to avoid possible “I had no idea people were armed!” and bad reaction. Of course I wouldn’t be part of such a Church, but you don’t need rumor mill spreading to all who listen that you CCW.

          Many Churches I am sad to say are real drama soap operas in how they operate. This accounts for a large portion of negative stereotypes and bad experiences far too many have seen.

          Are you an active and respected member?

          If not you may wish to go through someone who is. Beware of coming across as having all of the answers, you may need to lead them through a journey with you planting seeds to achieve this goal.

          Understand if you don’t know some of this you may discover your Church isn’t what you thought. Which is good, but can be startling.

          This is why I like a small family type Churches.


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