Check out this hard core Russian Drill!!!

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          Some balls on those guys! Wow!

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            I notice there are a lot of crickets from the upper tier community on this. I think for many it was a surprise to see for two reasons. First, the mental management, confidence, and skill displayed is impressive by anyone’s standards. Secondly, it is quite different than what is usually done here – not a bad thing if it produces a desired result. I think those two things taken together, leave many with a lack of desire to comment further while they process it.

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              Spot on Danie!

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                PS: This is the level we should aspire to.

                this is one way the FREEFOR can get an edge on the OPFOR.
                By training more hardcore.

                We already do this in part..
                How many mexican drug cartels, agents of tyranny or entitlement zombies train at 19F for 3 days on end like we did in the last patrol class?

                Are ANY of us at that level to do this kind of drill yet?

                No I imagine not many….but with handgun I feel I am only a hop skip and a jump (maybe 6 mos of training) away from being able to do this drill.

                Now to find a willing partner…;)

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                  Imagine the drills they do that they won’t show us…….
                  I would say its definitely a way to get over being shot at.

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                    Youtuber has a guy shoot his plates to build confidence = idiot.
                    Spetsnaz does it = bad ass!

                    Shooting past someone head does build team confidence, but there is only one guy I would let do that and I don’t need for him to practice it for me to know he can. If you can make the same hit without a real life in the balance then you have the skills, will you have the nerve when it’s needed?

                    That drill won’t tell you the answer because it’s still a controlled drill, not the real thing. It’s like doing a demo in martial arts with live blades. You are still doing a demo…

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                      Second drill sure seems like an AD between the legs. Right, wrong? Seems pretty stupid to me. I’m all for stress inoculation, but this seems a little over the top. I know the spetznas used to bring trucks of prisoners in from the gulag for neck breaking training in their systema spetznas stuff. They told the participants if you fight and live you get to go back to prison. I suppose this lets you know your techniques work, but if you consider morals ans ethics you are over the line. The Russians have some good things, this just doesn’t seem to be one of them. They don’t tell you how many people they loose in training, the main reason, they just don’t care.

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