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        I’m just back from the Combat Leader Class. I have a few posts to put up about that, including the new Squad Tactics class which came out of the post-class AAR.

        The CLC was allowed to happen by the selfless actions of a number of people who gave up anything from a couple of days to the whole week to act as OPFOR for the class. Some of them were not alumni. In return, they got some ‘free’ Force on Force training, had a great time, and socialized with all, including a great group of students this year. This is a perfect example of community. Some of the MVT classes cannot run without volunteer OPFOR.

        This leads me to this forum. MVT has always been about community. Yes, some will argue that it is a business, but it is not the sort of business you run for 7 years if you (I) want to get rich. We have to cover costs, are not an actual charity, and need to put food on the table plus invest money back in to make the facility better. But really MVT is a ’cause’ to me, doing something I love with the idea of benefiting you by helping you to stay alive.

        My experience of the ‘right-wing’ or so-called ‘conservative’ elements who are attracted to MVT is in many cases one of a misplaced idea of the ‘rugged individual’, self-interest and isolation. This is not the philosophy of survival. If you want to look at MVT from a purely self-interest perspective then of course our training offers you those advantages. But you miss the holistic effect of community. Historically, we survive through community, and without a ‘war-band’ that comes from that community, you are tactically ineffective.

        I know many of you experience the internet as something where you hunt for and take information. Many of you see the MVT forum in the same way. I’m going to ask you to look at it differently, and get involved in the community aspect of the MVT forum. This has the potential to lead to face to face community at MVT events, and if you use the alumni forum / Team Rekkr forum for networking in your area, can lead you to find real team members.

        Here are some ideas:

        When someone posts, and you read it and gain something from it, comment.

        I hear many say they are not ‘tactical experts’ – in which case, ask questions.

        Ask questions on posts already made, or post up a tactical question you have.

        Comment in other areas where you have expertise,. There are many sections to the forum, including communications etc.

        Post interesting links you find in the current affairs section.

        Generally, get involved and do not simply lurk. This will help the forum grow which will benefit all. The forum is not simply a blog / message board for the few of us that do post, but it is a forum.

        Thank you, and I look forward to increased involvement.

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          Attaching the large printable ‘MVT Code Of Conduct.’ This is designed to be printed poster-style and laminated.

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            Well said.

            To this end, I encourage everyone at a class to swap phone numbers (vast majority have cell phones, even the homeless). Check up on one another. You “hear” a brother is going through a rough time?? Call, find out, encourage. Maybe the knowledge you have is what he needs to know.

            Life is short. Spend it with friends and family (some may say tribe, they wouldn’t be wrong). Challenge one another; not to be a dick but so that iron sharpens iron. Encourage one another, sometimes just hearing from a brother is all that’s needed.

            Don’t have time?? Find it. My job involves a minimum of 1 hour commutes. Granted, no one wants to talk at 0600, but 1800 (going in) is doable. Make the best of what we do have. I just spent several hours on the roads the past 4 days. I spent that time checking up on brothers, most out-of-state, including one going through post-op rehab; encouraging, congratulating, etc.

            Spend your time wisely – once gone, it can never be recovered.

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            Mike Q

              Sounds good.

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                My first class at MVT was early in 2015, since then I have been to several other classes as well as many volunteer days up there building the CQB huts, the team building, the long range swath thru the trees, OPFOR, and even a few target pits. I an very lucky that I live close to the VTC which is a big enabler to make this happen. What I did not expect in 2015, is that I would have had the privilege to meet so many quality people each and every time I have been up there. I have both called and been called by some of my MVT brothers over the years when either they or myself was going thru some shit. Thanks for bringing that point Wheelsee. Life can be complicated and busy but one thing is absolutely certain is that every day that goes by is a day you will never see again. No one knows how many days they get so make the most of each one you have. As Max said above, you lurkers out there, and I know there are some….
                Join in the conversation. You have something to share, everyone does. If you cannot bring answers, then please bring some questions, one of the other lurkers may well be a subject matter expert.

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