Borrow Belt-mounted Rifle Mag Pouches?

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      Sebastian Bosek

        I’m attending the HEAT 1 class this week, and I had misread when the hardware I ordered for my belt-mounted mag pouches would come in. The hardware isn’t due to ship out for another two weeks.

        Is there a way I can borrow or rent a couple of belt-mounted AR-15 mag pouches for the upcoming course? I have a 2-inch BlackHawk duty belt.

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        Sebastian Bosek

          Also, I wasn’t sure in which forum to post this in, so if I need to move it somewhere else, let me know.

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            You have a chest rig, right? Not simply relying on belt mounted mags? I have chest rigs at the VYC that I can lend you for the class.

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            Sebastian Bosek

              I do have a chest rig.

              I wanted to try out putting a couple of mags on my belt as a supplement to my chest rig, but I’ll adjust what’s on my rig to fit the mags.

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                check your PMs

            Viewing 4 reply threads
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