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        Now that we have moved to a new website, things should be simple. But in good honest tradition, alumni are screwing it up. The system is designed to be easy to use for new people booking classes. Yes, Johnymac, I am looking at you for your LRMC class booking this morning!

        For example, if I am going to book a class such as LRMC, then I would first go to the LRMC page from the top tab training menu under Firearms Training, or find the event in the calendar and click on it.


        Long Range Marksmanship Course Page

        I then look top right on that page, and it lists dates of when the actual classes are running. Click on that and it takes you here for the September class:

        September LRMC

        If you scroll down, there are two tickets – deposit only, or full price standard ticket. You select how many you want, and go to pay. If you pay standard full price, job done. The beauty of this system is that entered in the ticket software are the number of class tickets available. If you book outside of this, by simply sending money via the top payments tab, I have to adjust that manually. Thanks for the busy work.

        If you only buy deposits, then you owe the balance. That is where the payments tab at the top comes in, to pay the balance above and beyond any deposits only you purchased. Now, LRMC and CQBC are not eligible for FA discounts, but other classes are. That is also where you can do some math and apply discounts when you manually enter payment.

        The payments tab at the top of the website is for any reason you have to send money in, for example team hut / raffle donation, and for paying odd amounts to settle up for classes. An example would be for alumni, who are taking advantage of the Founding Alumni discount.

        So please make use of the new ticket system. Identify the class, and then select the dates top right of the page for when you want to attend it. You also do not have to email me, because if tickets are available, it will say so and allow you to book. Simple.

        My regret is the broken down convoluted old system that has trained alumni into the complicated system, and thus we are not using the easy system to optimal advantage until we work through the wiggles on this.

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