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        “The Forgotten War” by Clay Blair is a damn good look into the Korean War. If you remember a previous book that I reviewed titled “This Kind of War”, this one goes hand in hand with it.

        Where “This Kind of War” gets down to the platoon and company level, “The Forgotten War” goes all the way up to presidential level. It is a must read if you want to understand why the military performed the way it did in the opening stages of the war and why politics played the roll it did.

        I was never a fan of Truman or Bradley before. This book puts me in the hate camp permanently. Truman’s hate of the military officer’s played a huge roll in why the U.S. couldn’t respond the way it needed to. Bradley in complicit in this also.

        Most people can tell you all kinds of history of WW2 and Vietnam, but Korea is truly “The Forgotten War”.

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          Korean war somehow one of my favorite reads, Chosin Res and all that good USMC propaganda.

          On netflix or scamazon is a great video of the Army at Chosin the LtCol a CMOH recipient was a real stud.

          My first girlfriend’s dad claimed he was Army Ranger during it and his favorite thing was behind the lines raids after the lines were established post Chinese involvement. He said they would infiltrate and then look for warming fires and go straight to them and wax the Chinese/Norks. Don’t know if he was a bullshitter just trying to scare me from his daughter. (she took care of that crazy beotch)

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            I had the pleasure of working with Jim Nicholson (MD) who received the Silver Star. He wrote the book – George – 3 – 7th, A Brief Glimpse Through Time of a Group of Young Marines

            News article here –

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