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        So being the tacticool goon that that I am B-) ….
        I’ve spent more than my fair share of time over at Breach Bang Clear, because they’re generally awesome people with a great take on pretty much everything.
        One day I noticed that one of their writing contributors, Chris Hernandez has his own blog/website.
        Before I get any further on here, I’m going to say that you should totally drop by and pay his site a visit- it’s like a wellspring of common sense without a lot of the armflailing stupidity common in other areas. Here’s your sign:

        Anyway, I noticed that he wrote a couple books, and being a massive bookworm in dire need of new reading material, I added them to my Amazon list. A few weeks later one of them arrived.
        Unfortunately I screwed up and ordered the second one first so they got read out of sequence, but it was well worth it.

        Line In The Valley takes place in a perhaps not-so-far-in-the-future scenario where a number of border towns in Texas are attacked and seized by a conglomeration of hyper-violent cartel gangs and their jihadist overlords. The Texas National Guard is called up and things go hell in short order.

        The book mainly focuses on one unit of TNG tasked with retaking what will turn out to be the worst of the enemy held towns, the losses and brutality they experience, and the emotional struggle that a combat veteran experiences when returning home to a country of armchair commentators who don’t understand what it takes to win such a desperate fight.

        The best part about this book, is that it’s written in a very no-bullshit style. The grunts talk like grunts, there’s no PC bullshit, you can feel the rounds whipping past your head, and the heat from the vehicle that just exploded behind you. This is not some over-glorified ‘Merica fantasy piece where the Good Guys ride to victory with nary a scratch. And for that we thank you Mr. Hernandez, although some folks may find it a little to intense in places.

        Final analysis- there’s a few minor spelling/grammar/editing issues here and there, but honestly after the first couple chapters you won’t notice them. I’d give this book 6 out of 5 stars.

        Go get yours here:

        Actually, maybe read the first one first as well:

        Now, on a side note, the overall takeaway here is not how interesting the book was- take a minute and put yourself and your team in a similar situation post-SHTF, and have a No-BS thought session about how you would fare.
        Those are some hard questions to answer….

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          Sounds like a book that’s very timely! :whistle:

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            Weaponsman the blogger had good things to say about these books and Mr. Hernandez as well.


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              Thank you. I feel compelled to read this since the Valley, from Zapata down to Progresso and north to Hebbronville and Freer used to be my AO when I was a Special Agent for what used to be Customs. Prior to that I was in the Border Patrol in Starry County.

              Really looking forward to reading those books, especially this one.

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                Sounds like a book that’s very timely! :whistle:

                Pair this one with Brackens “reconqista” from the E:F&D series, and you’ll really start to wonder how soon… :wacko:

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                  Thanks for the heads up. Reading Proof of our resolve now. Very good. gsb

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