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        I recommend “Fangs of the Lone Wolf: Chechen Tactics in the Russian-Chechen Wars 1994-2009” by Dodge Billingsley. He is a journalist who traveled a lot in country and later interviewed many combatants who had scattered around the world.
        The book is not meant to be a general history, but is a nitty gritty, down in the weeds look at how the Chechens fought. The book contains 30 vignettes of various actions with detailed maps and diagrams and illuminating commentary.

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          I believe I am part way through this v=book at Johnnymac’s recommendation also on this forum.

          This sort of history if very interesting, but I simply urge caution. Just because a certain group did something a certain way, does not mean it was the right or best way.

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            Yes Max, I understand what you’re saying. The author is pretty clear that in many instances the Chechens had limited success.

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              The first war was fought by a bunch of Russians with drunks as leaders, Putin used carrot and stick and I assume the stick is impolite. The current president of Chechnya is a true Asiatic despotic character him and his golden gun and hot muslim chick pics are humorous.

              So yeah if you are fighting Russian drunks bait their crappy armor into a city.

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