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        Just finished reading House to House by Staff Sergeant David Bellavia (Free Press, 2007).

        It’s a brutal memoir of his time as an infantryman conducting MOUT in Iraq, April-November 2004. Half the book is his first hand account as a squad leader during the battle of Fallujah. Fighting building by building, hand to hand, night ops, with M4s, SAWs, mortars, grenades, JDAMs and AT4s, Bradleys, corpses galore… also gets into the psychology of combat, meaning of leadership, survivor’s guilt, everything. I thought it was a great read.

        Those attending CQBC this year might want to check it out for some context, given John3X’s background. Several spots in the book were familiar based on what I learned from that class.

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          I’ve suggested that book a lot. It is absolutely vicious in detail and the most accurate summary of up close and personal fighting I’ve read.

          He teaches little league now. You just never know who’s out there.

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            I read it shortly after it came out, so it’s a bit hazy to me, but I remember thinking it was a good book.

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              I have it but have not read it yet.

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                One part that stuck out to me was the guy carrying the battery across the street during operations.

                No spoilers. Read the book!

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                  ordered and looking forward to reading. Thanks for recommendation.

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