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        Can anyone tell me of a use for blank 30/06 or .308 ammo. I bought a mish mash of old Vietnam era bullet bullet boxes and inside of them was a bunch of blanks, here’s what it was like.
        One box was full of loaded Garland clips, all blanks.
        A couple other boxes blanks packed in bandoliers.
        Another box linked blanks. That was one full linked belt.
        I guessing I have at least a couple of thousand rounds.
        Any ideas what these could be used for?
        The good part was four boxes had match grade 30/06 and.308 all early 60’s manufacture. All very clean in the cans. That made the deal worth it.

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          Rifle grenades?

          Hucking lines between some boats?

          Making loud noises?

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            Sell it to a WW2 GI reenactor so they can play at shooting “Krauts” who play at shooting back.

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              Thanks. I’ll check out re enactors.

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              First Sergeant

                Thanks. I’ll check out re enactors.

                Hit me up with a PM. I may be interested in some of it. Some of it also may be collectable.

                Most of it was used for training or launching rifle grenades. The VFW Honor Guard that I was part of years ago used M1 Garands for funerals. They were still getting blanks in en-bloc clips from the government.

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