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        While searching YouTube for videos illustrating patrol procedures in Northern Ireland (no luck so far), I came across this TV series from a few years ago. I’m copying in what should be a playlist of 23 video clips. I have not had a chance to watch all of it, but there appears to be a lot in there.

        If you ignore the tough talking narrator hamming it up, here is the thing:

        There is no ‘Ranger School’ in the British Army. Ranger School appears to me to be an infantry school, using infantry tactics to teach leadership., That is a familiar concept, because infantry tactics are used as a vehicle for leadership training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

        In the British Army, infantry wide, there are professional to arms courses. So whatever infantry regiment you are in, you have to go to infantry school at various stages of your career. There is a ‘Section Commanders Battle Course’ when you are going to become a corporal (squad leader). That is a junior version of the course in these video, which is the Platoon Sergeants Battle Course, for aspiring infantry platoon sergeants.

        What it means is that everyone on the class is roughly the same rank, and will take ‘command appointments’ for the various exercises, and be trained / assessed on performance. I have mentioned this before as a way of training within your group. It also means that you perform all the roles in the platoon, and thus become a better overall soldier.

        For infantry officers, on completion of RMAS, you go to the equivalent class to the platoon sergeants, which is the Platoon Commanders Battle Course. Same deal. Notice how the platoon sergeants are being trained in the platoon commander role so they can take over when the officer is killed.

        At various levels / jobs you have to go back for more training. So, for example, when I became a anti-tank platoon commander, I had to go back for another 3 months course (Anti-Tank Platoon Commanders Course), which was a specialty weapon / anti-armor tactics training along with a bunch of exercises, specializing in anti-armor, similar to what is shown in the videos.

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          Having posted this, I’m skipping through it. It’s getting the creative juices flowing. Thinking about something along the lines of a longer class, ‘Infantry Leaders Class,’ maybe UTM based. Once a year maybe. But it’s one of those things – prerequisites narrow down attendees so much, but maybe prerequisites are not needed if it’s UTM, but then if they haven’t done CTT/CP what do they know?

          It’s always a risk to put a class on, just like the Rifleman Challenge, that is maybe a bit longer or a bit harder.

          After 10 seconds reflection, I think a longer class, maybe a week long, could not have prerequisites. It would be what it would be. Safety is not an issue with UTM. Training is given on leadership procedure, then a number of tactical exercise process with command appointments. If it’s not done right, it gets debriefed….

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          Mike Q

            I think a week long class along those lines would be great. Maybe a day of CTT “light”, maybe a day of CP “light”. Then the rest of time in infantry FoF leadership training… The CTT and CP “Light” days could get the dust knocked off and intro to others who haven’t been before…

            I’d like more opportunity for student driven leadership. Just like what happens in FoF. Some longer exercises with the students leading could be very beneficial I think.

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              I am in on this 110%. I will set aside a week of vacation for this right now in case this course makes.

              HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
              HEAT 2 (CP) X1
              FOF X3
              OPFOR X2
              CLC X2

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                Follow up with some info on the officer side of training:

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