Atv mounted “fire” (platoon minus) ttp’s , ideas

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        Hi can someone give me some ideas about units using atv’s most of the info i have on motorised/mech units is old sadf 61mech stuff.

        Most important :
        “never have less than 2 people per vehicle”
        But a buddy pair on an atv seems bunched up ?

        But you can use half the number of atv’s and half the fuel :scratch: the problem for me is when you lose one atv you cant load a entire fire team one atv can you ? .i have seen a uk army unit using atv’s doing a break contact they were only one man per atv .i have also seen some atv’s with heavy weapons mounted seems better than man carried :scratch: my backround is anti pouching so i have some light infantry training . used pickups to get a blocking force in place all of that .
        the idea is to have the mobility of the old boerkommandos . anybody have ideas for a unit like this ?

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          What kind of ATV do you have? Some people use “ATV” to mean the newer UTV’s also. Some of the newer ATV’s like the Polaris XP Scrambler 1000 have enough seat room for 2 people. Older quads/ATV’s do not.

          How big are the people? How much gear are you trying to haul? 2 6′-6’4″ , 225 poundish guys with gear might be tight on the newer, larger quads.

          Your individual situation dictates your tactics. Texas tactics will differ than Virginia tactics due to terrain.

          I know this is a modified version of the standard “It depends”, but I hope this gets you to thinking.

          Also familiarity/skill with operating the ATV(s) in your group also.

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            Well i was hoping for some insight we have atv’s here 700 4×4 polaris and dirt bikes also i can buy some more atv’ at a good price if need brother an i are very mechanical we could make it carry all 4 people .what i mean to ask is more on the lines of should we be use them has personnel carriers ig dismount a tactical bound away . :mail: or ifv fight through the target . :mail: “mission dependant”?

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              My opinion is NOT to use them as personnel carriers. Anything you do to make them carry people will make the center of gravity too high. I think they would be better used to bring supplies to the fight & wounded away, like the example in Max’s books. Patriot Dawn/Patriot Rising.

              Anyone else with ATV riding experience ? ?

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