Armor Ventilation (Part 3)

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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        I am still on a quest to find light weight, breathable, and low heat build up gear.

        I’ve made good progress with Clothing, Boots, and Packs.

        The search for the best option a light weight, breathable, low heat build up, and economical (relatively speaking) Armor solution is still a work in progress.

        This search is not new, see Armor Ventilation, and Armor Ventilation (Part 2). I had come close to giving up and just going with a minimalist slick carrier which isn’t a bad option for the money.

        However this plate carrier from Velocity Systems maybe just what I’ve been looking for.

        Scarab DLX

        Weight: 1.6 lbs.(Medium), – 20% lighter than the already ultralight SCARAB ™ LT

        Ergonomically designed padded shoulders for maximum over-head movement

        The SCARAB™ DLX is Velocity Systems top of the line carrier in innovative technology and comfort. Weighing in at 1.6 lbs., (size medium) SCARAB ™ DLX is 20% lighter than the already ultra-light SCARAB ™ LT through the use of negative space and laser slotting of the attached grid. The SCARAB™ DLX was designed with a lightweight frame structure creating a slight stand-off from the body allowing for passive cooling and greatly reduced back face deformation. The patented swivel shoulder straps were designed to alleviate common fit issues with traditional sewn fixed angle shoulder straps. The ergonomically designed and padded shoulder straps articulate on a D-ring allowing them to sit correctly and comfortably on any user, regardless of neck width or shoulder broadness. The length of the straps is adjustable and have a padded sleeve that can also be used for cable routing. The SCARAB™ DLX is sized to hold plates of corresponding sizes to the carrier. All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.

        Depicted stand-off suspension above, similar to my Badlands Ultra Day Pack Hypervent suspension below.

        In fact I had hoped…

        With some creativity there may even be a similar solution for plates and/or chest rigs.

        The fact that it also helps with backface deformation transfer is a bonus.

        Will look for reviews since this has been out since June 2017, I just found out about it.

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          Doesn’t the fastex buckles make the chest rig too low?

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            Doesn’t the fastex buckles make the chest rig too low?

            Consider how high the PC should ride on chest, then look at the location of the buckles.

            Properly sized and shoulder straps adjusted I don’t see a problem.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              Another picture showing the ventilation/stand-off system.

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                That’s pretty damn cool. I’ve been using an LBT 6049 or whatever the number is plate carrier for a long time. It’s nice but cumbersome and hot compared to my Crye Airlite. Plates also make a huge difference as well as the undershirt.

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                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                  This post is related to Mac’s Thread ShotStop Duritium Special Threat Plates.

                  The two plates I am considering are both made by ShotStop…

                  The IV HS – 10″X12″X.9″ – 5.5 lb – single curve, SAPI CUT around $365.

                  The III GT – 10″x12″x.55″ – 4.8 lb – Multi-Curve, SAPI/ESAPI Cut (SE) at $415 before discount from Max.

                  Two of the IV HS’s are 11 lb add the Scarab DLX for a 12.6 lb set complete.

                  Two of the III GT’s are 9.6 lb add the Scarab DLX for a 11.2 lb set complete.

                  Level IV gives a me a 1.4 lb weight and .35″ thickness penalty.

                  The IV HS is single curve, but using the Scarab DLX’s standoff ventilation ability should prevent any possible comfort issue, but is the roughly 3/8″ extra thickness combined to the standoff a problem?

                  Theoretically no! What’s 3/8″ to the big picture?

                  Complicating the decision is a pair of the IV HS’s are about $120 cheaper, money to go towards the $325 Scarab DLX price tag.

                  There are certainly lower priced quality carriers out there, but how much will saving a $100-150 mean to me when sweating in hot humid Florida, assuming Scarab DLX’s ventilation works as well as I think it will.

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                    I TOTALLY misread the heading……..

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                    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                      I TOTALLY misread the heading……..

                      That’s funny! B-)

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