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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        I stay away from Google products as much as possible, all of my people that truly know security and privacy on computers recommend this to me.

        I know more than most, but I have experts that advise me on areas that matter to me.

        So I got a call from a neighbor for some computer help. They wanted my help on figuring out how their 10 year old son got their Gmail password.

        They were using Chrome for their browser on their computer that kids could only use in their presence. Kids have Tablets for their own use.

        They had Chrome save passwords, but didn’t think anything about that as it doesn’t show password correct?


        When Chrome browser auto logs on you still have to click ok to continue or similar, but it also has a click to show password. This was how Son got their password. So anyone who uses browser after you have saved passwords can obtain your passwords utilizing this feature.

        Since I never use Chrome it took me a little while to figure this out. Maybe this can be turned off.

        All I know is my experts say don’t use it, maybe this is one of the reasons. :unsure:


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