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        This is actually a pretty good video, from 1964, clearly made after the Malayan Emergency. If you ignore the ham acting and crappy jokes (if you can even understand the accents), it is based on real events. It shows a jungle operation at platoon / company level culminating in a raid. When we start talking about the Combat leader Course, there is a lot in this video that is relevant:

        Movement to an objective with a plan for a raid.
        Leaders recce.
        Confirmatory plan / orders.

        Note that this was no ‘special forces’ operation. This is standard work for a standard British light infantry battalion. There is also a great video out there somewhere from the same time period showing an ambush. I think same actors. Long time since I saw it. I recall the same uniforms on the enemy forces. If anyone can find that one, they win the forum for the day.

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