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        What is the recommended ratio between strong- and weak-side training with firearms?

        I have spent some time trying to become ambidextrous, both with a handgun and a rifle.

        First off, why:
        I read somewhere that these days the vast majority of people live in cities, which pretty much guarantees that it is far more likely than, say, 100 years ago, that a firefight happens in an urban (or suburban) environment.

        That’s just statistics.
        From here, my logic goes like this:

        Unlike somewhere in a forest, in a city/suburbs, where there are lots of walls, windows, corners, cars and other crap, chances are approximately 50/50 that I would need to shoot from my strong side as from my weak side.

        With handgun, it’s mostly not that important, but with a long gun it is obviously advantageous to be able to hide behind a building’s corner as much as possible and shoot from the closest shoulder…

        On the other hand, not all covers are vertical, and shooting above, say, a car hood is easier from the strong side.

        Those are just my ideas – of a person who never was in a real firefight and has very limited training experience beyond a square range.

        So, my question is:
        for someone like me, who lives in a suburb and is preparing to defend his family against whatever the future may bring, what is the recommended ratio between training strong-side only and ambidextrous training?

        Thank you.

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