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        Hi All,

        If you have a Team Coyote patch you can email me and explain and I can add you to the Team Rekkr private forum. You can also send a group join request via the Team Rekkr forum itself. Thing is, if you do that, you have to give me an explanation of who you are, because I may not recognize a screen name.

        Also, you have to have been given a Team Coyote patch in the past to get current access to Team Rekkr.

        HOWEVER: I am expanding Team Rekkr (previous Team Coyote) and I will be handing out patches to those deserving at training. You don’t get a patch at your first class, we need to see a little bit more of you. There are plenty of you you who probably deserve it, and you will get the patch when I see you.

        HOWEVER: if you think you may have been overlooked, I’m happy for you to write to me and explain who you are, what training you have been to etc, and that gives me the option to remotely patch you in.

        When we run an alumni training weekend (wider group than Team Rekkr), which is not likely until next spring due to weather, you are able to show up and that gives me the option to patch in guys who are not in Team Rekkr currently.

        There are still training events this year that also give you an opportunity to show up and get some good training, plus let us have a look at you for Team Rekkr. We have CLC, which also needs more OPFOR volunteers. We have 3 spaces on the Recon Class. We have HEAT 1 5-8 December that needs more spots filled.

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