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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        OK for all those who choose to remain in the AK camp.

        My first chance to fire an AK47 was in the mid 1980’s as a familiarization fire with a selective-fire AK47. Being a firearms enthusiast I really enjoyed it.

        When the Polytech AK47S became available I bought one. I really miss buying the 1100 round steel core cases for $65 when buying multiple cases. :-)

        Over the years I have been exposed to multiple methods of running the AK variant platforms.

        Some of the most effective methods are demonstrated in this video, I learned some of these before such videos were available. After a cursory search this is the best I have found online demonstrating them.

        Despite the Tacticool nature of this video production many of the manipulations demonstrated are valid. I am sure some of the methods will receive comment by Aaron and others with similar backgrounds.

        The video I would prefer to show was a real Russian military production video demonstrating some of these methods, however I am unable to locate it.

        I believe you would be better served by the AR platform. I also know many will refuse for a variety of reasons. For those that decide to continue with an AK variant, I hope that this is of use.

        The speed/emergency reload method depicted at around 5:05 is particularly useful in my opinion.

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          Without commenting on Sonny as an instructor too much (god knows I’m a newbie to this world) he did shoot one of his own cadre and watching some of his moves (duel wielding and firing a pistol and AK in different directions for example) I’ll just write my observations from this one video. Be advised I am not nor was I ever spetznas, Russian, a communist or an alcoholic so my knowledge of the AK is only slightly more than a Sudanese child soldier. I have however been shot at with a few and found some jammed up ones on dead enemy fighters (which sort of mirrors my time using one as OPFOR during training except I didn’t actually die). I also stayed at a holiday in express once.

          1. You really shouldn’t be learning 4-5 different reloads. The more options you have the longer it takes to make a decision. This will eventually slow you down. Decide which speed load and which tactical reload you want to learn now and then train JUST those. Keep it simple.

          2. Double inverted magazines…….not a fan. I find recoil tends to unseat the first round, it induces malfunctions because debris gets caught in the mag when prone, students will forget they already reloaded and try the “infinity” reload with an empty magazine and when you speed reload a second time you lose two mags instead of just one. Also you can kiss tactical reloads goodbye. This made sense way back when or if you’ve only got two magazines.

          3. The one hand bolt holding open reload is a huge liability and you wont save time when you drop your rifle.

          4. Please don’t autosling your weapon during a transition. It makes instructors, team mates and the enemy very nervous and is NOT tactically sound. Or safe.

          That said the AK is a different beast and understanding the manual of arms for whatever weapon you choose is vital.


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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            Yea I wish I could find that old Soviet video, this was what a quick search found.

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              One thing is for sure. All the new videos of cool guys driving guns is really just refinement of techniques that have been around for a long time. Everything old is new again. I saw a video of a guy working a shotgun that the army made in the early 80s. It was impressive by todays standards but just wasn’t filmed in HD and sped up. No one looks cool in a PASGT vest.

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