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        Bought a couple of these from Max

        Order was received less than a week from the time it was placed! That means in my hands within that time, that’s great service!!

        Unit is frickin awesome and extremely realistic in weight, feel, function. This ain’t your kids airsoft gun!!

        Look at the pic comparing to a real 74!!!

        Had to re box it for Christmas present for J but we will be getting much use out of them in the next few months. 5,000 rounds of ammo was around $20. damn….. Considering we usually shoot about 10,000 rounds of live ammo a year through our AK’s, if we cut it by half, the airsim guns are paid for in less than a year!!

        Hell to the yeah! Thanks Max!! :yahoo:

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          I had the wrong pic in first post.

          Checkout how close these two are

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              I was curious to see which version you would pick of the available AK variants.

              I’ll be interested to hear what kind of velocities come out of that shortened version. The reported velocities on the standard size were somewhat higher than the AR versions.

              I have thought about the goofy red muzzle devices and changing it, however it or some other color maybe a good thing.

              I imagine accidentally grabbing the wrong rifle! :wacko: :yes:

              Goofy thought, but it happens.

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                I thought about getting one Krink and one full size, figuring my son would like the full size better. But I think CQB class showed him the benefit of the shorter rifle.

                Don’t have a chrono but I’d be interested in knowing any difference in that and the full size 74.

                We were getting some good hits at upwards of 100 yards at CLC. You can see the BB’s also so walking them in was a lot easier than UTM.

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                  Was waiting on a speedloader so got a chance to shoot these yesterday. Pretty damn impressive. Good hits at 50-75 yards.

                  The “flash hider” screws off and if you happen to have a regular Arsenal threaded type Krink, the flash hider from that will fit on the airsim Krink :good:

                  Unfortunately the Krebs custom safety that is popular on regular AKs will not work in these. The safety on these does not seem like it’s removable.

                  Oh well, not a big deal. Just do the old trick we did for eons of bending the selector out from the receiver just a bit. I did this with mine and it is much easier to manipulate. May try to modify the current safety to operate like the Krebs custom.

                  Added a mount and an Aimpoint Patrol Ready optic. I’ll get that zeroed and be ready for CQB and FOF class!

                  Thanks again Max, these are great additions to the training tool bag!!

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                    Wrong pic, senior moment….

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                    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                      Unfortunately the Krebs custom safety that is popular on regular AKs will not work in these. The safety on these does not seem like it’s removable.

                      I did some cursory looking around and don’t have all the details.

                      Check out this schematic…

                      …look at the safety.

                      #32 and #65 are held together by pin(?) #105.

                      Pictured left is real, right is airsoft.

                      After factory assembled real AK safety taken apart, pictured next to airsoft internals.

                      Real safety placed on airsoft internals.

                      Maybe more work than you want, but I bet some airsoft guru has already done it and someone is selling it. ;-)

                      Tack or brazed a tab on and instant wannabe Krebs? B-)

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                        Tack or brazed a tab on and instant wannabe Krebs?

                        That’s kind of what I was thinking.

                        Or some ghetto engineering JB weld setup (more my style LOL)

                        Thanks for your help!

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                        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                          Someone used to sell tabs that could be riveted, screwed, or tacked on.

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                            So a few weeks ago in preparation for CQB this last weekend I tried to attach a couple of the add on Krebs latches to the selectors on these.

                            As I mentioned before, upon inspection it didn’t seem like the airsim selector removed in the same manner a normal AK selector does. And it didn’t want to try to force it.

                            The tab that is available from Krebs for adding to an existing selector comes with little rivets. They were next to useless for this application and I think trying to install them cause the selector in mine to come and remain loose.

                            I went to plan B- JB Weld. Gooped the living crap out of mine after it seemed like 1 rivet might have held. On J’s rifles I avoided the rivets and put applied JB weld and the tab.

                            Gave them both a day to dry. I flipped down the selector on J’s rifle and the tab immediately came off. Mine held but I think it was because the selector was at this point functioning only in looks and was very loose.

                            Also, we left with most of our magazines still full of gas and BB’s. Going over everything today drying it out, I took the rifle outside to unload magazines into the nearby creek.

                            In two magazines the BB’s were falling to the bottom- in the same manner you experience a dead or weak spring in a conventional magazine. I smacked the bottom a couple times, got 1 or 2 more BB’s to the top and then nothing.

                            Is there some trick to this? I have a feeling we should think about unloading these every time. Anyone got any ideas?

                            Other than that, they functioned flawlessly throughout the training. We never experienced a jam- but again these are AK’s ;) I had numerous hits touching or very near each other on the plates during the sunday morning drill, so accuracy is great on these rifles at close range. All in all I’m very pleased with them and will likely purchase more, thanks Max! :good:

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                              I had numerous hits touching

                              I actually noticed that as well but forgot to mention it to you! I was impressed by the accuracy.

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