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        BREAKING: Magpul Lays Off 85 Workers in Wyoming

        Reports claim that after the layoffs Magpul Industries will still have a 163-strong workforce at the Cheyenne manufacturing facility. Magpul had expanded the workforce in the Wyoming facility from the initial 95 people to almost 250 employees for the formerly massive market demand for all firearms products, that has of course since waned following the 2016 Presidential Election.

        As you may have noticed Magpul Magazines are on sale everywhere add more to your inventory because magazines are expendable items. To paraphrase Max – don’t waste time shoving them into a dump pouch get back into the fight, after you win then maybe you can police up the battlefield.

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          Strange, but good for us, since they got a mega contract from the USMC

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            A gunsmith/shop owner once told me circa the early 2000s that Ruger’s mainline of business was casting parts for the DoD and guns was a secondary line of business.

            In short its too damn bad that America has turned into a dumping ground instead of a manufacturing juggernaut.

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            First Sergeant

              This is a result of the post election slump in sales.

              Colt, Remington, Federal and now Magpul.

              I have been saying it for awhile, this is just the start.

              Signal Out, Can You Identify
              Je ne regrette rien
              In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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                Watch for the sales people if you are like me you are getting covered up everyday with emails with great deals on virtually everything. Now don’t go crazy if your not sure if what your seeing is worth it run it by the people on this forum for “buy NO buy” advice.

                Just remember gear is great but it won’t do you any good if you spend all your money on it and neglect getting the training that MVT offers!

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