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        I’ve struggled a bit with consistently zeroing my rifles and came across this video. One of my priorities before I make it back for more training at MVT is to improve on this and my shooting fundamentals. What do you guys think.

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        Jack Moses

          I was just looking at this yesterday. It came at a perfect time because my local 50 yard rifle range closed. Now I can go to any local 25 yard range and zero for 36. The 5 inch affective zone appeals to me because I can rarely remember height over bore much less other holds. Have I tested the 36 yards zero at 300? No. I believe 300 yards is pushing it with my red dot and 11.5 inch barrel.

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            Interesting. Thanks for posting.

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            Virgil Kane

              Wouldn’t it be dependent on the distance between the bore and the optic also? Is his Eotech set up for lower 1/3 or center?

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                You can try these kinds of shorter-range zeros, but at some point you’ll need to verify them at actual distance out to several hundred yards.
                I find that keeping a databook for each rifle or at least each optic and barrel length (16″, 20″) combo helps. I.e. a 25m zero is 6 MOA up from a 100m zero for my 16″ carbines. That’s been helpful when needing a 100m zero for a particular optic but right then only having access to anything but a 25m range.
                But, if an optic’s BDC says it wants a 100m zero, the best thing is to zero it at 100 and then verify it at longer distances.

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