25 Days of Fitmas II- Week 2

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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Day 8 Ruck was enjoyable except for my local weather. ;-)

        Day 9 Broadjump was interesting since the last 25 days of Fitmas I did 6’9″ and this time 7’4″ so definite improvement.


        For me this Fitmas II is a nice change of pace from my routine!

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          A few life circumstances have me behind on the workouts by a few days, but I’m glad you’re enjoying them.

          Also, I’m not surprised on the better broadjump, based on your reported weight loss this year. It’s great to see some payoff, am I right?

          I haven’t done the sled pull mile yet. When I did the programming, I didn’t really take into account the snow/ice/darkness of northern winter.

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            It’s great to see some payoff, am I right?

            Yes it is!

            A important distinction is the reduction in muscle mass, yes I wasn’t ripped lean, but wasn’t fat. I am leaner now but much of the weight loss was reduced “vanity muscle” which was the price I had to pay to lose enough weight to reduce stress on my joints.

            So not only did my broadjump increase, I didn’t have the day after pain and extreme stiffness I have had in the past from such work.

            So far I can actually run, jog, and ruck with minimal; if any, wear and tear.

            Another point on this is the fact that even after prolonged sitting I only experience some mild stiffness vice the pronounced limp I had until I got warmed up. This is a big deal for me. ;-)

            My plan is to continue this change in my build, despite my improvements I still can lose a bit more and will try to find the point where I begin to lose ability. Find that balance point.

            This I believe is the key to my continued ability to do field work.

            I’m glad you’re enjoying them.

            Definitely :good:

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