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        Sorry this is a day late, I had a crazy day yesterday hosting my family for the holiday.

        Every Minute on the Minute, for as long as possible:
        5x Pullups
        10x Pushups
        15x Squats

        -Other options for pullups: jumping pullups, band assisted pullups, ring row, table row, sandbag row
        -So you’re doing one round within each minute, and waiting for the next round to start (at least until you get tired!). When you can no longer complete a round within the minute, stop.

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          Now I can see why no one tried this one. More cardio than than I thought.

          Tip: Don’t raise your arms on the squats like I did. Wore my arms out too soon.

          7 rounds, but I cheated and took a minute rest after 5. So,…5. But I felt like such a wimp I went 2 more rounds.
          Mainly real PUs, but didn’t hang on the last two sets. Lower bar that allowed me to pull up from a standing position.

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