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        15 min AMRAP:
        10x Ground to Shoulder
        10x Pullups
        Run 200m

        -The intention given the rep scheme is using a moderately heavy object in the 45-100lb range. Ground to Shoulder is taking a weighted object (sandbag for example) from it touching the ground, up to shoulder level. This can be done in a few ways, but I’ll mention the two main ones: clean and “strongman lift”. I would recommend you give the strongman lift a try, as it is most realistically what you’ll use to lift an odd object.
        -As before, if you can’t quite manage pullups for whatever reason, you can substitute table row, bent over row, ring row, jumping pullups, band-assisted pullups, etc.

        Visual learners:

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          5 full sets
          75 lbs sandbag, sub bent over rows for pull-ups.
          Thanks @johnnymac!!!

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            3 full sets. I had 10 seconds left and tried not to puke as I stood over the sand stone and cussed at it while thinking about picking it up again.

            100# sand stone
            1st PU set normal;
            2nd PU set band assist;
            3rd set Rows

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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