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        We’re coming down the home stretch now.

        3 Rounds of:
        Max Plank Hold
        Max Side Plank
        Max L-Sit

        Rest as you see fit. Post up total “hold” time

        -You’re going through each exercise once, and then completing two more rounds (3 attempts at each exercise total)
        -If you start to those form on the planks, stop
        -For an L-sit, all that you really need is two chair. As you do the L-sit, your feet will slow start sinking. When you start the L-sit take a visual reference point on the ground in relation to where your toes are. When your toes fall down a hand width or greater, stop.
        -If you can’t do an L-sit, you can try a tuck hold (just knees towards chest).

        Visual Learners:
        Hollow body is a bit over exaggerated, but what he’s saying makes sense:

        L-Sit w/ progressions if you aren’t there yet

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          Thanks for the plank video! thats good info.

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            Plank 1:06; 1:04; 00:46
            Side 0:37; 0:40; 0:40. Really need to do more of this. It hurt.
            L Sit 0:05; 0:10; 0:11. Laughably bad

            Just for giggles, I pushed that 70# sled with a 300# sandbag on it 50m between each set. One of the gym trainers jumped on it the last lap, making it a 500# push. Planned to do more today but was exhausted after that.

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