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        just passing some info on a 24 hour challenge the first week of Dec.

        Who would be interested in participating in, staffing, sponsoring, or otherwise supporting a 24-hour ruck race to benefit fallen special operations warriors? Most miles in 24 hours. Single Rucker and Team Relay divisions. I have an awesome venue in South Central NC an hour from Ft Bragg.

        If any one is interested please contact me and I will pass the info along

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          Joe Burdick is with Todd VanLangen and 8 others at Coleman’s Creek.
          4 hrs · Ellerbe, NC ·
          On Dec 7th and 8th I will be running a 24 hour ruck race to benefit our fallen Special Operations Warriors. The race will be at Coleman’s Creek Taining Facility in Ellerbe, NC.
          Contestants will ruck for 24 hours with a 35lb rucksack from 10:00 on Sat. till 10:00 on Sun. There will be 4 divisions. 2 divisions will have a shooting component and 2 without…..
          – Single Rucker (shooting)
          – 4-man Team Relay (shooting)
          – Single Rucker (non-shooting)
          – 4-man Team Relay (non-shooting)
          Single Ruckers will log as many miles as possible in 24 hours. Relay teams will log as many miles as possible in 24hrs by splitting up laps between the individuals.
          Shooting ruckers and relay team members will stop and shoot a short pistol course of fire with bonus mileage awarded for hits. Pistols and ammo will be provided and will be kept at the stage. (No personal weapons allowed on the course).
          Our current plan is to have a “bucket auction” and benefit lunch on Sunday. More details on those two events to follow.
          Anyone wishing to volunteer as staff or donate items for the auction please email me at rs3matchdesign@gmail.com
          There will be a need for scoring staff, shooting stage ROs, blister station staff, ATVs/UTVs, cooks, servers, printing services, and other donated services. The more that is donated…. the more goes to a great cause. Lets pull together and give back to those who gave so much. If you have sponsors or contacts in the shooting or outdoor industry, local retailers, or food service industry, please reach out to them.
          Registration for single rucker and ruck teams will be up in the next couple of days.
          More details to follow as they become available.

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            Beretta has donated (5) hand gun as prizes for the ruck event. Some good stuff

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              Registration is open for the SOWF 24hr Ruck Race at Coleman’s Creek Training Center in Ellerbe, NC! Come get your ruck on and support the Special Operations Warrior Foundation on Dec 7th and 8th. Its a $40 donation to ruck for trophies and prizes. There will also be a silent auction, games of skill, and food for sale. All profits go to the SOWF. There are 4 divisions to compete in……
              -Single Rucker, Non-Shooting
              -Team Rucker, Non-Shooting
              -Single Rucker Shooting
              -Team Rucker Shooting
              Team ruckers register individually as part of a 4 man relay team. The most miles in 24hours wins. Ruck weight is 35lbs. Beretta is donating 5 pistols to the winners of the shooting divisions. Other sponsors are lining up as well. If you would like to donate items or services for the auction, volunteer as staff, or donate food, please email rs3matchdesign@gmail.com
              If I tagged you, please share this. If I didn’t tag you, its only because you can only tag 50 people at a time.
              To register, go to Practiscore.com and select “events” not matches from the menu bar e. Type the word “ruck” in the search bar.

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                Good way to test yourself to see if you got what it takes

                the SOWF Benefit Ruck Race is a 24 hour endurance challenge The event will be held at Coleman’s Creek Training Center in Ellerbe, NC on Dec 7th and 8th. A single rucker or a 4 person relay team will attempt to log the most miles in 24 hours. A 35 lb rucksack must be carried.
                All proceeds benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. An auction of donated prizes will take place after the race and food will be available for purchase. Proceeds from the auction, food sales, and other fundraising activities will be donated to SOWF as well. In 2017, the foundation was awarded its twelfth consecutive four-star rating from the US’s leading charity watchdog, Charity Navigator. This esteemed rating places the SOWF in the top one percent of charities rated for its financial efficiency.
                There will be a shooting an non shooting option. Those who choose to shoot will attempt a short and simple course of fire each lap with pistols provided by Beretta. There are no personal firearms allowed on the course. Scores (hits on steel) from the shooting portion will be converted to distance and added to the rucker’s mileage. Shooting is not required to participate. There will be seperate awards for shooters and non shooters. Seperate portions of the course will be used for shooters and non shooters. Those who choose not to shoot will just keep rucking.
                -Although there will be some ultra-competitive teams trying to win this event, it is a charity event and supposed to be fun. The atmosphere and staff will reflect that. The scoring however, will be professional, unbiased,and equitable to all participants.
                -Eye and ear protection will be available for ruckers choosing to shoot. We reccomend that you bring your own.
                -Non shooters will NOT need eye and ear protection -Emergency medical care as well as basic first aid and blister care will be available during the entire event.
                -The course will be manned by medical personel, scorers, and personel to distribute snacks and hydration to ruckersthroughout the entire race.
                -Ruckers must pass through a scoring gate each lap to have their lap counted. A designated rest and sleep area will be available near the scoring gate.
                – It will be a closed course with the mileage for each lap being counted for score. the course will be approx 1.5-2.5 miles. Actual lap distance is TBD
                -Single ruckers total miles will be counted.
                -Relay ruckers total miles accrued by the team will be counted.
                – A personal light will be required for each rucker on the course during the night. Headlamps are strongly recomended. -There is no land navigation component to this race. The trail will be well marked and staffed.
                -Donations of food and prizes including gift certificates for goods and services will gladly be accepted with receipts provided upon request.
                Proceeds from the auctioning of prizes or the sale of foods will be donated to the SOWF as well. Please direct all questions to the race director, Joe Burdick at…. Rs3matchdesign@gmail.com
                entry fee: $40.00

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                  this has been postpone until spring. not enough sign ups

                  took much sand in the you know what’s to sign up to see what it takes

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